I3PT and VHIR, new partners of Heecap

I3PT and VHIR, new partners of Heecap 1080 608 Mireia Córcoles
  • The start-up Tesai Care is dedicated to the development of Heecap, a non-invasive electrostimulation system to prevent respiratory muscle atrophy in mechanically ventilated patients in ICUs

The Parc Tauli Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) and the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) have formalized their entrance to the founding shareholders of the start-up Tesai Care, together with the founding team of the company, formed by Laura Lizama, Sofía Ferreira, Oriol Roca and Jaime Sánchez.

Tesai Care's goal is to develop heecap, intelligent non-invasive electrostimulation system to maximally prevent and treat respiratory muscle atrophy in mechanically ventilated patients in intensive care units (ICU).

Close collaboration between research institutions and Tesai Care aims develop the technology, clinical validation and commercial validation of the Heecap medical device. The start of this development and validation process has been possible thanks to the granting of a grant CaixaResearch Validate 2021.

During 2023, the team will finish manufacturing the functional prototype, which will be clinically validated in an environment relevant to the ICU of the Parc Taulí University Hospital.

Tesai Care was created in November 2021, as a result of the participation of Laura Lizama and Sofía Ferreira in the HEALTH Barcelona 2020 program. This health innovation and entrepreneurship program, organized by Biocat, is based on the prestigious Stanford University's Biodesign Fellowship program and aims to train future entrepreneurs of the health ecosystem.

With this new company participated by the I3PT, theInstitute reaffirms its commitment to promote the transfer of knowledge and results generated in society and contribute to the economic development of the territory, as well as the recruitment and retention of talent.

Also, with this milestone the Institute strengthens its position as a reference institution in healthcare innovation.

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