The I3PT presents the 2022 Scientific Report

The I3PT presents the 2022 Scientific Report 1080 608 Oriol Capell
  • The presentation of this publication is an exercise in transparency to disseminate in an orderly manner the results and the main milestones achieved by the I3PT in 2022

The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) publishes the Scientific Report of the year 2022, again in multimedia format to make it more accessible, more sustainable and more open to the world.

The 2022 Scientific Report collects and synthesizes all its scientific, innovative and teaching activity. As the scientific director of the Institute, Lluís Blanch, points out, one of the most outstanding events this year has been the audit to which the I3PT has undergone, in order to be accredited as a Health Research Institute of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III of the Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación — and which would be resolved favorably at the beginning of 2023, achieving one of the strategic objectives of the I3PT.

On the other hand, the Institute's figures continue to grow positively. The number of publications from the previous year has again been exceeded and an impact factor of 4.081 points has been achieved, which represents an increase of more than 157 points compared to 2021. It is also worth underlining the results historical records of the activity of clinical trials, which have placed the Committee on Ethics of Research with Medicines (CEIm) of Parc Taulí as the 4th in Spain.

2022, moreover, was the year in which the I3PT opened the new facilities located next to the Water Tower, allowing a greater concentration of human resources and transversal support services dedicated to the scientific research and innovation.

The Report also presents, as always, all the results and main milestones achieved by the Institute throughout 2022, such as the figures of its overall research activity and from each of its research areas, or the data of theinnovation activityteaching, of the platforms and serviceseconomic, and from communication.


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