Parc Taulí grants 16 research and innovation projects with a total allocation of 130.000 euros

Parc Taulí grants 16 research and innovation projects with a total allocation of 130.000 euros 1080 608 Oriol Capell

The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) celebrated today the ceremony of handing over the 25rd edition of the Taulí Scholarships, intended to encourage and enhance research and innovation among the institution's professionals.

This year, they were awarded 16 Taulí Scholarships - out of a total of 78 nominations submitted, counting all categories - with one total allocation of 130.000 euros. Since the first edition held in 1999, they have been granted $2.492.621 to projects that have boosted biomedical research and innovation, a very relevant number within the health research sector in our country.

"When we started we only had 15.000 euros. With everyone's efforts, over the years, we have been able to increase the number to what we give today. It is the result of the Parc Taulí Corporation's commitment to increase R+D+i", he recalled Luis Blanch, director of the I3PT.

In his speech, Blanch also emphasized the institution's good results achieved in 2023, which, "undoubtedly, have been marked by accreditation as a Health Research Institute by the Ministry of Science and Innovation". Some highlights have been the more than 500 published scientific articles, with an impact factor of almost 4.000 points; the constitution of a new spin-off; the consolidation of the two transversal research areas; or the creation of two new research groups.

For his part, Dolores Costa, president of the CSPT, wanted to emphasize the excellence of all the projects presented and issued a call to researchers: "This event shows the synergies between the Parc Taulí Hospital and the I3PT. I encourage even more projects to be presented next year so that Parc Taulí continues to be a research center of reference".

During the event, it was delivered 9 Research and Innovation Taulí grants - out of a total of 54 presented - with one endowment of 67.500 euros, as well as 2 Scholarships Step up al Taulí 2024, which have an endowment of $60.000 thanks to the support of Banco Sabadell Foundation, which contributes 45.000 of the total, and which allows professionals to devote part of the healthcare day to research.

2 scholarships have also been awarded to most outstanding scientific publications of the year, 2 scholarships at best doctoral theses defended by I3PT professionals and a scholarship to UAB Medicine students for their participation in research projects developed by the Institute's research staff.

In addition to this, the attendees had the opportunity to listen to the keynote speech "Robots to assist people with physical or cognitive limitations: technoscientific and ethical challenges" by Carmen Torras, mathematician, writer and CSIC research professor specializing in artificial intelligence and robotics.

Anna Aran, director general of the CSPT, was in charge of concluding the event while emphasizing the opportunities for growth for the Institute in the run-up to 2024: "We have many projects on the horizon for next year. We want to continue growing in patronage, in alliances and collaborations, in research, in innovation and in its transfer to society, which is not always easy".

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