'Presenta la teva tesi', a new project of the I3PT to promote the dissemination and scientific education

'Presenta la teva tesi', a new project of the I3PT to promote the dissemination and scientific education 1080 605 Oriol Capell

The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) has launched its new scientific dissemination project "Present your thesis". The initiative consists of explaining the thesis in a short format video in a language accessible to all audiences, thus allowing a clearer vision of the research itself and facilitating the transmission and general understanding of complex topics linked to research in health and innovation.

The main objective of the project is give visibility to the doctoral theses produced by the Institute's research staff and highlight the richness and diversity of the research projects developed within the centre. At the same time, it is one opportunity to encourage research staff to carry out their doctoral thesis and consider Parc Taulí as an enriching environment to do so.

Likewise, this action reinforces the the Institute's commitment to the dissemination and scientific education. With the conviction that scientific knowledge should be accessible and comprehensible to everyone — especially to the younger public — the I3PT dedicates resources to initiatives that seek to establish a connection between research and the community. In this sense, together with the content on YouTube of 'Science in 2 min' and 'Presenta la teva tesi', the entity also carries out outreach activities in schools, universities and fairs where, not only is knowledge shared, but also to inspire the next generations of scientists and researchers.

In the first video of "Present your thesis", la researcher Anna Selva Olid, doctor specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health and member of the research group Evaluation of care services, will explain to us what it consists of doctoral thesis and why it is so necessary to have a well-established methodology for incorporate the patients' perspective into clinical practice guidelines.

This and the next videos of "Presenta la teva tesi" can be found at Youtube channel of the I3PT and it will be disseminated through the Parc Taulí and I3PT networks.

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Giving visibility to your work, contributing to scientific popularization and encouraging inspiration is now more accessible than ever! If you are doing your doctoral thesis or have already defended it and want to appear in the next video, contact the communication department of the I3PT

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