Parc Taulí wins the 2023 Onion Award

Parc Taulí wins the 2023 Onion Award 1080 608 Mireia Córcoles

The Onion Network has presented its 2023 Onion Award to the Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí for its contribution to entrepreneurship, through the I3PT

The Onion Network delivered yesterday evening the Onion Award of 2023 with ex aequo character to the Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí and the Embassa't Festival, in an event held in Sabadell.

As the president of the organization, Arnau Bonada, points out, the jury has awarded Parc Taulí "for the promotion of entrepreneurship carried out through the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT), which is becoming one of the reference incubators for startups in the health sector in our country".

"We want to highlight his work promotion of internal entrepreneurship projects and his bet because innovation and research can also be catalysts for new business projects", highlighted from the Onion Network, who added: "With the recent creation of the Business Council, the institution has completed an opening process towards the local economic world, betting on cooperation and the search for synergies".

At the delivery ceremony held yesterday, the president of Parc Taulí, Dolors Costa, thanked for the distinction and also highlighted the milestones achieved by the institute in recent months - such as the CERCA recognition, the accreditation as Carlos III Health Institute and the coordination of the ITEMAS Network -, which place the Parc Taulí in the elite of health research and innovation at state level.

Likewise, the president emphasized that "the award comes to us just when the Parc Taulí is expanding, with a strategic plan to open up to the outside", and highlighted the creation of the Council of Mayors, Council of Entities and Associations and the Business Council, "which are an opportunity to explain to the entities what is being done from Parc Taulí, and the strategy it pursues to continue maintaining excellence in research and innovation, through new projects" .

The Onion Network is an entity of  Sabadell formed by companies, entrepreneurial people and the Steam Launch to support new projects and to create synergies.

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