The first edition of the GENES_IT innovation promotion program ends

The first edition of the GENES_IT innovation promotion program ends 1024 576 Mireia Córcoles

The first edition of the GENES_IT program, a new initiative promoted by the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT), which has aimed promote the innovation activity of the Associated Units in the Taulí, by promoting new innovation projects that improve the efficiency and impact of clinical practice.

The I3PT, through its Innovation Unit, has provided for four months innovation consulting services to the professionals of the participating units, who have identified a need or challenge in their healthcare institutions and have followed the entire process to develop an innovative solution.

In this first edition, the Associated Units that participated were theInstitute for Research and Innovation of Life and Health in Central Catalonia (IRIS-CC), the Sant Joan de Déu Health Park,San Rafael Hospital (Hermanas Hospitalarias), the Health Consortium of Terrassa, mutual terrace and the Anoia Health Consortium.

The program ended today with the presentation of finalist projects in an event at the UManresa Campus of the University of Vic-UCC. The participants presented their innovative solutions, which were later evaluated by a panel of judges.

As explained by its promoter, Eduard Soler -responsible for the Innovation Unit of the I3PT-, the GENES_IT program "has demonstrated the great potential of interdisciplinary collaboration". "We are very proud of the work done by the participants and we hope that the progress achieved will have a positive impact on people's health".

The program is based on the Stanford's BIODESIGN innovative methodology, adapted to Catalonia by Biocat, which helps develop immature ideas (TLR 0-2) to turn them into solutions in the health field, going through five phases: detection of the need; need filtering; solution detection; prioritization of the solution, and, finally, presentation of results.

With its eyes on new editions, the I3PT reaffirms with initiatives like this its commitment to research and innovation to improve people's quality of life.

GENES_IT program

More information about the program

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