Collaborate with Parc Taulí

With your donation we will be able to promote research and innovation projects that advance scientific knowledge to improve patients' well-being and quality of life.

What can you help us with?

Research Park Taulí

Give us your support to do research and foster talent

Imagine Parc Taulí

Give us your support to improve the patient experience

Destination 2030 Parc Taulí

Collaborate with our strategic and innovative projects

Parc Taulí Research Program

With your donation, we will be able to promote research and innovation projects with scholarships to overcome the barrier of knowledge and progress in developing new treatments that improve the well-being and quality of life of patients

You can also collaborate on specific projects

Minority disease

At Parc Taulí, a benchmark in the treatment of minority diseases, donations can fund research to improve diagnoses and treatments for neurocognitive diseases such as Prader Willi, Angelman and fragile X, enabling research to be offered for those rare diseases.

Critical patient

Contributing to research in critical and urgent care is critical to improving outcomes and survival in medical crisis situations. Donations in this area enable research in surgical procedures, such as traumatology, 3D printing applied to medicine, digestive interventions, and the treatment of kidney patients to be promoted.

Chronic disease

By funding research into precision diagnostics, the detection and treatment of diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and diabetes can be improved, enabling a more personalized and effective approach to patient health.

Program Imagine Parc Taulí

Your donation will go towards the Imagine Program, with which we can promote activities and projects to improve the patients' experience, improving their comfort during their stay

You can also collaborate on specific projects

Improve infrastructure and equipment

Adapting and decorating the healthcare spaces according to the ages and developmental needs of the babies, children and adolescents cared for is in your hands.

Complementary therapeutic activities

Accompany and support both patients and families, in the face of serious illnesses, complex chronic illnesses, and acute situations that break the balance of the family unit such as an admission to pediatric intensive care, a long hospital stay or the hospital admission of 'a newly born newborn... This is also in your hand.

Leisure and educational activities

It is in your hands that we can also organize shows and family performances to support the little ones during their stay.


Other ways to collaborate

Tax benefits


For questions or queries, contact with the Parc Taulí Patronage Department:

Ismael Ávila


THEI3PT thanks all the entities, companies and people who have made contributions and donations to collaborate with Parc Taulí.

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