Involve your company and your staff

Involving your company and your employees in patronage actions is an excellent way to contribute positively to society and reinforce your company's corporate social responsibility values. Here you have different options that you can implement in your company.

Fundraising possibilities

  1. Get your team involved
    Co-create a charity event or fundraiser.
  2. Encourage your customers to be part of a social cause
    In the price of your product, you can include an amount for the expected sales that would go towards the patronage of Parc Taulí.
  3. Make a Teaming!
    Incentivize social commitment by encouraging your team to support one of our projects through a voluntary monthly donation of €1 from their payroll, while the company channels this donation and contributes the same amount as its employees .

what do you get

It highlights the individual and collective benefits of this type of participation, such as learning, personal development, teamwork and positive impact on society.

Together, we can improve people's well-being and contribute to promoting research and innovation in the health field of our reference population of Parc Taulí. Contact us today to get more information and start your journey organizing a charity event to benefit Parc Taulí.

Organize a charity event for Parc Taulí today! And change lives!

Cafès Pont

Example of initiative

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