Teaching at the Taulí


The Institutional Teaching Committee (CID) is the institutional body in charge of defining, promoting, coordinating and evaluating the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching policies in the field of the CCSPT, to promote and disseminate the knowledge of our professionals, inside and outside the CCSPT, and implement teaching activities in accordance with the institutional objectives and the framework for professional development.

It is also a body of transmission of the professional opinion and must be coordinated with the other institutional committees through the Quality Committee / Professional Council.

  • Design of collaboration strategies with the university and other teaching or scientific institutions.
  • Promotion of teaching activities at the CCSPT.
  • Coordination of the different initiatives of teaching activities to make them coherent with the institutional frames of reference.
  • Seek the maximum degree of integration of teaching activities within care and research, so that mutual synergies are established.
  • Develop teaching activities to transfer our institutional model and increase the influence of the institution in the sector.
  • Articulate mechanisms so that the participation of professionals in teaching activities is a valid element for their professional development.

Each of the members of the CID is responsible for the development of a specific area of ​​CCSPT Teaching to cover the different areas of teaching activity: undergraduate, postgraduate, courses, agreements, external projection of teaching and conceptual model of specialized health training ( ESF).

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