Teaching and research stays

Parc Taulí offers a wide range of possibilities for students, graduates and practicing professionals who want to do improvement practices to deepen our knowledge and skills in fields in which we are pioneers or can offer specific training.

It is important to note that:

  • Management procedures must be carried out at least in advance three months before the start of the stay. It is essential to respect this time frame, especially if you want your training project to be done in the field of research and you need to manage patient data, which requires prior processing to the CEI / CEIm.
  • In order to be able to stay, it is essential to have formalized the framework agreement with the applicant center and the specific personal training project.
  • In no case will the training stays be remunerated.
  • The following documentation must be provided:
    • Sickness and accident health care insurance
    • Liability insurance
    • Confidentiality commitment (we will attach document)
    • Negative Certificate of Sexual Offenses
    • Statement of responsibility (we will attach document)
    • Depending on the pandemic situation, the negative PCR result must be presented (maximum 72 hours before the start of the internship).

Internship application form

    Details of the stay

    Area where you would like to do internships

    Specifies what other areas

    Specifies area or field of research

    Initial date

    End date

    Total hours

    Hours and days a week in person at Parc Taulí

    Types of practices

    Teaching objectives of the training stay

    Academic data



    Types of studies

    Name of the studies

    Comments (optional)

    Person responsible for the management of agreements

    First and last name



    Personal data

    First and last name

    DNI / NIE



    Relevant documentation for the assessment of internships (maximum 2MB, in pdf format)

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