Our model

The I3PT was one of the first research centers in Spain associated with a hospital that created one innovation department, and one of the pioneers in implementing a quality system for research and innovation.

During these years, the Parc Taulí Innovation Unit (UDIPT) has been an outstanding agent and committed to theimpetus and stimulation of biomedical innovation in the State. Likewise, it has contributed significantly to the development and projection of the Spanish Innovation Platform in Medical and Health Technologies (ITEMAS) since its creation in 2010 and coordination in the years 2021-2023 and 2024-2026.

El innovation model of the I3PT is based on a strong commitment to the transformation of health knowledge in benefit of the society, generatesnt an impact that improves the lives of patients, the work of healthcare professionals and the sustainability of the systemmother To do it, la UDIPT manages an extensive portfolios of projects based on un innovation system consolidated and accredited by UNE 166002.

Ethe process is mostly linear and is structured in zinc Phases according to maturation of the idea: 

In order to evaluate the phase changes is useda evaluation criteria based on the GAITS methodology of the Boston CIMTI, which includes an assessment of the part: 

In addition, fruit of the experience acquired during all these years, the UDIPT has been improving its innovation model, adapting it to the needss institutional, to their professionals and available resources, in order to be more efficient and successful. In the area of ​​innovation, Parc Taulí recognizes two key elements in facilitating it: 

  • El talent with the ability to participate in projects from the ground up. What is known as inter-entrepreneurs.
  • Un ecosystem with one effective management of innovation processes supported by the center's management.

The teamwork between the I3PT and the Parc Taulí Health Corporation constitutes a key gear to achieve the greatest impact with maximum efficiency. In this sense, the Institut has an indispensable role in those projects that generate a new intellectual property (ie exclusively de theI3PT or with third parties).

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