Success stories

Innovations that have reached society through:

  • Creating Spin Off, which have allowed the raising of private funds for the development of innovative products that require a high investment before being introduced to the market and that reach society.
  • Technology licensing to private companies possessing the necessary economic resources and consolidated sales networks for a quick introduction to the market
  • The internal implementation for the improvement of care and / or clinical processes, thus improving patient care and the cost efficiency of the health system.

Better Care

Provides solutions for capturing and integrating medical signals


Vascular access management and monitoring system.

Needle container

Sharp material container.


Device to correct chest malformations.

FlexInLight FIL Series

Intelligent surgical lighting system fully integrated into a laminar flow system for operating rooms.


GEIC is a Clinical Research Management database. This software was born to support the management of CCSPT clinical research projects.

RAIM products

El Parc Taulí Digital Medical Imaging Center has transferred four of its own products related to medical imaging:

  • RAIM Server: Computer system for storing medical images.
  • RAIM Viewer: Computer system for viewing medical images.
  • RAIM SDI: Software for the management and registration of the activity carried out in an Imaging Diagnostic Service.
  • RAIM Cloud: Global computer system for medical image storage centralized in the cloud.

Informative SMS for relatives of surgical patients

New communication system with the relatives and companions of a patient who has undergone surgery which consists of sending SMS during the surgery. The aim of this initiative is to keep relatives and companions informed, while reducing their anxiety and avoiding long stays in the hospital waiting room.

3D Lab

Surgical planning and 3D printing.


Web portal aimed at young people from all over the country, so that they and they can take control of their physical, mental and mental health.

Fracture & Plaster

Mobile app with videos that teach the correct placement of the plaster in the fractures of the extremities.


The WINN is a web platform that allows to receive and store the innovative ideas of the professionals of the I3PT, so that these can be administered by the department of innovation for his back evaluation.


The thesaurus is a file in a MUMPS environment integrated into the centre's computer network, which allows the automatic coding of diagnoses and procedures in natural language.

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