Node Taulí Incubator


Through the Node Taulí Incubation Program, the centers that form part of the Node Taulí according to the PT20 ISCIII (Parc Taulí Hospital, Integral Health Consortium, Terrassa Health Consortium, Private Foundation Granollers Asylum Hospital, Alt Penedès-Garraf Health Consortium and Mútua Terrassa) they will have access to a portfolio of project valorisation services. With these services, researchers participating in the program will obtain essential tools and resources for both the validation and the valorization of their ideas / proposals.


The people / teams participating in the program will gain knowledge and experience in:

  1. Create strategic project documentation.
  2. Apply for competitive funding calls.
  3. Work based on an organized and efficient methodology.
  4. Develop innovation projects. In addition, during the participation in the program they will have the support of a team of people with experience in innovation and entrepreneurship and will have access to a network of key stakeholders for their project.


The program is based on the methodology of the Boston CEMETERY (adapted to Catalonia by the CIMTI), through which projects are valued from four key domains: clinical, market and business, regulatory and technological. This methodology recommends achieving specific goals for each of the domains mentioned, getting projects to move forward in a faster, orderly and efficient way.

  • Duration: 5 months
  • Monthly dedication hours: 9 am
  • Provision of monthly project manager hours: 3 h
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