Technology supply

Products, technologies or know-how owned by Parc Taulí and clinically validated that need to be marketed in order to reach society, either through operating and / or distribution licenses, or technology transfer agreements.


We are looking for: investors, CEO

EPICS is an innovative digital tool based on our previous proof of concept, which will improve patient recovery and comfort during the stay in the ICU. EPPICS has several exercises for the prevention of functional alterations at the cognitive and emotional level, and is integrated into a communicator for those patients who do not have the ability to communicate.
Early intervention has been shown to be key to reducing patient sequelae after ICU discharge. In addition, it has been shown that interventions


We are looking for: licensees

LuCaDAlert is a new diagnostic imaging software to detect lung cancer on unreported chest x-rays based on algorithms of deep learning. Although more advanced technologies exist, radiographs remain the most widely used system in examinations performed in radiology services. It is estimated that in Spain 75% of radiographs are not reported by a radiologist, and it is known that the same happens in other countries. Because the diagnosis of lung cancer on x-rays is complex, there are currently images with signs of cancer ignored within the healthcare system network. LuCaDAlert would be integrated into this healthcare system, allowing x-rays to be pre-screened for signs consistent with lung cancer, and alerting radiologists to confirm the suspicion of diagnosis. In this way, patients who have been examined for other reasons will be diagnosed quickly. Our system will clearly contribute to the improvement of the prognosis of the disease by favoring the detection.

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