Technology supply

Products, technologies or know-how owned by Parc Taulí and clinically validated that need to be marketed in order to reach society, either through operating and / or distribution licenses, or technology transfer agreements.

Optimal Length

We are looking for: CEO, investment

Optimal Length is a new software based on Deep Learning designed to optimize the early detection and characterization of pulmonary nodules in chest radiographs and chest CT scans. It provides a potential tool for the early detection of pulmonary nodules on non-screening chest radiographs that would otherwise go undetected and diagnosed at later stages once symptoms are present and the prognosis is poor. 


We are looking for: CEO, investors or licensee

Pit3D are external breast prostheses customized for women with a mastectomy, adaptable to their morphology and carried out with lightness. Breathable and flexible 3D printing material.


We are looking for: CEO, investors

SERGREEN is an objective and universal system for the intraoperative assessment of intestinal vascularization, supporting the surgeon, and reducing the associated costs of medication, patient readmissions, mortality and morbidity.


We are looking for: licensees

iCURE is a combined monitoring system (technological solutions and face-to-face visits) in patients who have overcome a critical episode due to COVID-19 to characterize Post-Intensive Care syndrome and early detect needs for specific treatment or physical and cognitive rehabilitation.


We are looking for: licensees

SELECTED offers an innovative PORT protection system, which is being validated in a clinical trial, with the aim of minimizing impact injuries in risky situations while increasing self-confidence during physical activities in this population.


We are looking for: licensees

CareArm it is an innovative solution that consists of a multimedia platform that allows the reinforcement of the explanation made by the nursing staff about the preventive exercises for the care of the arm, accompanied by a support device for carrying out these exercises in the patients' home.

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