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El Signal Laboratory has an interoperability platform with the ability to manage raw data, as acquired in the care process, to later debug and transform them, in order to turn them into valuable information for research .

In order to obtain this data, the signal laboratory uses different medical devices and innovative solutions properly developed that allow research staff to have a large amount of demographic, clinical and physiological data, with the quality necessary for the development of projects. research.

In order to make advanced diagnoses and develop prediction systems, the laboratory applies techniques such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, pattern identification, or cluster analysis.

Leonardo Sarlabous Uranga

  • Obtaining and processing physiological data of monitored patients
  • Creation of interoperable databases
  • Advanced processing and analysis of continuous biomedical signals
  • Extraction of characteristics and physiomarkers
  • Exploratory analysis and data visualization
  • Construction and validation of biomedical signal processing algorithms and artificial intelligence
  • Advice and support in the design and methodology of research projects related to the use and treatment of biomedical signals and artificial intelligence
  • Support for technical writing in scientific articles and research projects

Data collections:

  • Invasive mechanical ventilation and vital sign monitors in .xml format
  • Polygraphy of biomedical signals and "built in software" in LabChart format transformable to EDF, CSV, TXT and MatLab.

BC Link software marketed by the spin-off BetterCare, which has solutions for the capture and integration of medical signals.

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