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The Scientific and Technical Unit (UCT) encourages researchers to have access to sophisticated technologies that are not available in all science centers. It was driven by the acquisition of equipment funded by the Fundació Parc Taulí and with competitive funding from the European Union ERDF.

The scientific-technical services aim to centralize technologies and equipment, favor researchers' access to advanced technologies, services that, on the other hand, research groups alone could not afford, and increase the use of equipment available.

Until now these services have been of internal use for the professionals of the institution. Currently, the offer has been opened to external professionals from public and private centers.

Nestor Albiñana Giménez

Genetic analysis service

Genetic analysis allows to characterize nucleic acids, both by sequencing and by fragments. We have an ABI PRISM 3130 genetic analysis from Applied Biosystems with 4 capillaries.


  • De novo sequencing of all types of sequences
  • Analysis of fluorescently labeled DNA fragments
  • Fluorescence-labeled microsatellite analysis
  • Detection of mutations by mobility change
  • Point mutation analysis (SNPs)

Service request

You must send the completed and signed application by mail, email or postal mail or fax to:

Nestor Albiñana
Coordinator of the Scientific and Technical Unit

Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute Foundation
Plaça Torre de l'Aigua, s/n,
08208 Sabadell

Immunoassay biomarker analysis service

The equipment is a flexible analyzer based on the principles of flow cytometry. It allows to analyze simultaneously up to 100 analytes (cytokines, proteins, DNA, among others) in a single sample well using very small sample volumes. The system quickly and efficiently provides bioassay data of different formats, including immunoassays, enzymatic assays, ligand assays, and nucleic acid assays.

It is the combination of three technologies. The first is the xMAP microspheres: a family of 100 fluorescent dyed polystyrene microspheres (5,6 µm in diameter) that act both as an identifier and as a solid surface for the assay. The second is a flow cytometry instrument, which integrates detection systems such as optics, lasers, fluids and high-speed digital signal processors. The third is software designed for data processing and robust regression analysis.


  • Luminex 200.


  • Protein expression analysis: cell markers, cancer markers, cardiac, metabolic, cytokines, metalloproteases, among others.
  • Genetic analysis: genotyping, gene expression analysis, among others.
  • Diagnosis of genetic diseases: cystic fibrosis, cytochrome 450, among others.
  • Immunodiagnosis: allergies, autoimmune diseases, HLA, among others.

Service request

You must send the completed and signed application by mail, email or postal mail or fax to:

Nestor Albiñana
Coordinator of the Scientific and Technical Unit

Fundació Parc Taulí
Parc Taulí, 1
Santa Fe building, ground floor, Research Area
08208 Sabadell

Research laboratory service

The Research Lab is fully equipped to perform all types of biomedical research. It is divided into several Areas.

The General Laboratory equipped with two extraction bells with external driving for the work with volatile products, a cryostat and other material for the work in histology, inclusion in paraffin, preparation of stains etc. Equipment and equipment for performing different immunological tests, as well as the team of the service of analysis of biomarkers by cytometry. The Laboratory is also equipped with general material such as pipettes, centrifuges, agitators, incubators, autoclaves, refrigerators and freezers.

Laboratory-UDIAT equipped with work in molecular biology: a quantifier of nucleic acids and a display case for the preparation of reagents by PCR. With separate post-amplification work space equipped with several thermocyclers, a fast thermocycler, two real-time PCR devices, agarose gel electrophoresis equipment, an image analyzer and a bioanalyzer ( microfluidic chip). It is also equipped with a genetic analyzer (gene analysis service).

Cell culture rooms, equipped with biosecurity showcases, CO2 incubators, a microscope and other culture material. One room free of pathogen-free culture, the other room specially equipped for working with up to 3 levels of pathogens.

Dark Room with an epifluorescence microscope with a complete image capture and processing system.

Service request

To request the service, you must contact the Coordinator of the Scientific and Technical Unit, Nestor Albiñana.

Small operating room research and operating room

We have a fully equipped operating room with all the instruments needed to perform operations on small experimental animals, as well as assisted breathing equipment and monitoring of vital signs. It also has basic laboratory instrumentation, such as a gas analyzer, an extraction hood for procedures involving animal perfusion and centrifuge, among others.

The stable has been accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya to carry out housing and interventions in small rodents: rats and mice. It consists of the infrastructure needed to keep small experimental animals in self-ventilated cages.

The use of these facilities is subject to the prior approval of the procedure of the CEEAH (Ethics Committee in Animal and Human Experimentation), of the UAB.

Rates and service request

The cost of this service varies according to customer requirements. The use of these facilities is subject to the prior approval of the procedure by the CEEAH (Ethics Committee in Animal and Human Experimentation) of the UAB.

You can make your queries about fees and service requests to the Coordinator of the Scientific and Technical Unit, Nestor Albiñana.

Scientific Platforms

Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute
Plaça Torre de l'Aigua, s/n,
08208 Sabadell

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