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The Administration Unit of the I3PT aims at the economic and financial management of all the resources obtained through different financing channels, registering, valuing and controlling the economic transactions carried out in the institution with the constant monitoring of compliance with the legislation in force in all those areas that are applicable to it:

  • Tax regime.
  • Labor regime.
  • Relations with public administrations.
  • Public procurement.
Head of Administration
Loli Prados Cazorla

  • Personnel management, carrying out the necessary actions for the hiring and monitoring of the institution's personnel contracts according to current legislation.
  • Making purchases of both consumables and investments.
  • Donation management.
  • Billing of clinical trials and agreements with other entities.
  • Budgetary monitoring of the different competitive and non-competitive projects, carrying out the control of their execution in accordance with the parameters set for the institution, and through analytical and separate accounting of each of the actions and projects.
  • Accounting and tax management of all activities carried out at the institute.
  • In general, we support all our fields of competence in the other departments of the institute.

Administration Unit

Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute
Plaça de la Torre de l'Aigua, s/n
08208 Sabadell

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