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The Clinical Trials Unit (UAC) is created for the purpose of promoting and facilitating clinical research in the institution.

In order to carry out this objective, the UAC is made up of a team of professionals in charge of carrying out clinical trials: study coordinators, nursing staff, data managers and administrative staff. In a coordinated way they are responsible for logistics, coordination, data management and all those activities to launch a study until its completion.

The purpose of this joint work is to launch the study as soon as possible, ensuring the quality and reliability of the data obtained in the study and comply with the agreements with the promoters.

Marcela Manríquez Tapia

The essential services of the UAC are:

  • Collaborate in the initial assessment of the feasibility of the study at the center (feasability study).
  • To offer facilities to the promoters for the contact with our center and to improve the times until the inclusion of the first subject.
  • Help research teams achieve the agreed number of participants and at the optimal recruitment time.
  • Organize the visits of the participating subjects and all those tests and procedures of the study.
  • Collaborate in obtaining samples, processing and shipments.
  • Provide high quality data in accordance with the agreed times.
  • Facilitate communication between the promoter and the research team and attend to study monitors.

Clinical Trials Unit

Fundació Parc Taulí
Parc Taulí, 1
Santa Fe Building, left wing, 2nd floor
08208 Sabadell

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