The Institute


The Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute Foundation (I3PT) is the result of the integration of excellence in knowledge and the innovative and improvement capacity of research groups, integrated into the lines of research and belonging to the constituent entities of the Institute: Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí de Sabadell, Fundació Parc Taulí, UDIAT Diagnostic Center, Sabadell Senior Citizen Service Center i Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

The tradition of years of working together between the five entities, together with the sum of scientific knowledge and research capabilities of all of them, the results achieved in recent years and the uniqueness of the management of innovation in medical technologies, leads to the establishment of the I3PT as the next step needed to further strengthen this joint trajectory and provide better management tools and opportunities to continue to improve and grow in R & D & I results.

I3PT maintains and enhances research activity in areas where they are scientifically excellent, but without losing sight of everything that is transferable to the market, that is, all potential innovations that will initially be treated as strategic. until they are evaluated, regardless of the line or scientific area in which they belong. Excellence is a strategic pillar but so is sustainability, as products that can be transferred to the market must contribute to sustaining the Institute's innovation model, either through valuing and marketing, capturing business globally. , or through its internal application to the health activity of the institutions that form part of the Institute.

The research carried out at the Institute meets the criteria of quality, sustainability and excellence.

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Mission, vision and values


Facilitate and promote activity linked to biomedical research and innovation, through a sustainable model, which promotes the transfer of knowledge and results generated to society, providing value to contribute to its well-being.


To be a leading international institution in healthcare innovation that promotes clinical and translational research, recognized for developing a healthcare, organizational, teaching and research model of excellence focused on the patient and the effective generation of wealth.

Our values

  • Patient guidance in the active search for solutions to the main health problems of society.
  • Knowledge transfer towards the scientific community and the market as one of the ultimate goals of health research and innovation, pursuing the goals of excellence, value generation and economic return.
  • Transparency, commitment and accountability, at a social and environmental level, as a guide for all the institution's actions.
  • Collaboration, cooperation and teamwork, both internally and with other national and international entities as a tool to achieve scientific excellence.
  • Research excellence and good practices, developing a scientific and management activity in line with the principles of quality and continuous improvement.
  • Proximity to the territory and the citizen as a benchmark in research and innovation.

Value offer

We research and innovate in health to drive growth and its transfer to society.

Who are we?

We are a center for biomedical and hospital research and innovation aimed at generating value by promoting social and economic growth.

What we do?

We promote activities that promote the advancement of society in collaboration with the key agents of the ecosystem:

  • Research - We promote the advancement of knowledge, facilitate the clinical validation of new treatments and medical devices, and disseminate to the community.
  • Innovation - We transform research knowledge into business models and process improvement.
  • Teaching and training - we increase the skills of professionals based on their own knowledge.

Why do we do that?

  • We want to promote a system of generation and translation of sustainable knowledge that promotes the well-being of society.
  • We aspire to be a leading institution in patient-centered healthcare innovation internationally.

How do we impact?

  • Orienting our processes to the patient including it in decision making and communicating the results to society.
  • By transferring knowledge encouraging the dissemination of science and society of the results of the activity of the institute, transforming knowledge into products or services useful to society.
  • With transparency, commitment and responsibility implementing responsible internal research and innovation policies, under the principles of equality and sustainability with the environment, aligning ourselves with government strategies taking into account all groups.
  • In collaboration, cooperation and teamwork fostering interactions between different actors in the ecosystem and the creation of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Promoting research excellence and good practices promoting an internal quality policy and working for the continuous improvement of processes. We design the training of our professionals orienting it to their needs.
  • Fostering proximity to the territory and the public promoting projects that involve key agents in the territory, local companies and the citizen.

R & D & I policy

Research and innovation policy must contribute to the development of lines of research and areas of knowledge and all their projects, in which the main objective is to improve health. The basic guidelines of the I3PT R&D Policy are specified in:

  • Promote and foster the culture of research and innovation among professionals and establish the activities necessary to achieve this goal annually.
  • Ensure compliance with the relevant regulations and establish and maintain existing regulations; I3PT Code of Best Practices, rules on intellectual and industrial property of research results developed at I3PT, and document on best practices in the field of technology and knowledge transfer.
  • Define, establish and maintain strategic alliances with universities, entities, companies and networks in favor of research development at I3PT.
  • To promote the transfer of knowledge to the scientific community and the market, and to pursue the goals of excellence, value generation and economic return.
  • Have a scorecard that will allow them to be properly monitored in order to achieve their goals and to permanently improve the I3PT's R&D system.
  • Disseminate the R&D Policy between professionals and external agents related to this activity.
  • Work on continuous improvement and put in place all the necessary mechanisms to work with optimum quality.
  • Respect and take care of the environment and keep in mind the aspects related to the planning of its activities.
  • Have the working procedures and structure needed to support research and innovation activities.
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