Organizational structure


  • Administrative Economic Management
    • Accounting
    • Purchases and tenders
    • General administration
    • General Services
    • Computer Services
    • Support to governing bodies
  • Management of research and innovation grants
  • Economic management of clinical trials
  • Management of courses, seminars and conferences
  • Legal support
  • Communication and patronage
  • Data Protection


  • People and talent management
    • Personnel management
    • Prevention of occupational hazards
    • Management of the Training Plan
  • Knowledge management and quality
    • Knowledge management
    • Quality
    • RRI




  • Research areas and groups
  • Management of the Scientific Area
    • Accreditation of groups
    • Cooperative Scientific Plan
    • Intramural program
    • Promotion of R & D & I
  • Research Support Unit
    • Biostatistics
    • Methodological support
    • Management and Authorization of Studies
  • Scientific platforms
  • Library and Bibliometry


  • Innovation Project Management
  • Pre-Award Project Management
  • Business Models

Governance Bodies


  • Manel Balcells Díaz – Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia (born member)


  • Anna Aran Solé – Director General of the Parc Taulí de Sabadell Health Corporation Consortium (no member)
  • Armand Sanchez Bonastre - Vice-Rector for Research at the UAB (born member)


  • Vacant – Presidency of the Governing Council of the CCSPT (born member)
  • Montserrat Llavayol Giralt - Competent in Health at the Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Joan Gómez Pallarès - Competent in Research at the Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Lena Farrús Estopà – Appointed by the CSPT
  • Hi Brunet Mauri - Designated by the CSPT
  • Joan Bigorra Llosas - Designated by the CSPT


  • Francesc Luque López - Designated by Sabadell Gent Gran

Deputy Secretariat

  • M. Dolors Prados Cazorla

Statutes of the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute Foundation

Chairman: Joan Martí López, General Manager of the Consortium Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí de Sabadell (born member)


  • Rocio Cebrián, Director of Care and Transversal Services (born member)
  • Lluís Blanch, Scientific Director of the I3PT (born member)
  • Glòria Palomar, Managing Director of I3PT (born member)
  • Armand Sànchez, Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer at the UAB
  • Joan Gómez Pallarès, competent in Research at the Generalitat de Catalunya
  • Montserrat Llavayol, competent in Health at the Generalitat de Catalunya

Secretary: Francesc Luque, Director of Economics and Services at the CCSPT

Management Body

Lluís Blanch, MD PhD

Dr. Lluís Blanch is a consultant at the Critics Center of the Parc Taulí Hospital in Sabadell (Barcelona). He is the Director of Research and Innovation of the Consortium Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí de Sabadell, Coordinator of the Platform for the Revitalization and Innovation of the industrial capacities of the ISCIII, Head of the Group of the CYBER of Respiratory Diseases, Associate Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Director of the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute - I3PT. He is also a co-founder of Better Care SL, a spin-off of the Parc Tauli Health Corporation.

The interests in research and innovation of Dr. Blanch includes the translational study of the lung and brain injuries of the seriously ill, mechanical ventilation, digital therapies, and the application of artificial intelligence in the monitoring of respiratory and hemodynamic signals of critically ill patients. He has received numerous grants from public and non-profit organizations and has more than 235 publications indexed in PubMed with an H index of 44.

Ha estat membre del Comitè Executiu de l'European Society of Intensive Care Medicine i President de la Societat Espanyola de Medicina Intensiva i Unitats Coronàries, així com president de la Societat Catalana de Medicina Intensiva i Crítica i membre del World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine´s Council until 2019. Dr. Blanch is a member of the editorial board of several journals and a reviewer of the most prestigious journals in the fields of respiratory and critical care.

Glòria Palomar is an economist with more than 25 years of experience in the health sector.

For the last 20 years, she has held the position of Managing Director of the Fundació Parc Taulí and the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT), since its creation in 2015.

Palomar has a long experience in the management of research and the dynamization and management of technological innovation and its enhancement. He is also a member of various committees, groups and research networks and is part of the group of evaluators of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII). From January 2012 to 2016, she held the position of President of the Network of Clinical and Biomedical Research Management Entities (REGIC).

She is a founding member of the start-up Better Care SL and is part of the advisory team of the business initiative UTOPICS, Girona's ecosystem of non-profit social enterprises.

Since 2020, it has exercised the function of intracoordination in the ISEMIII ITEMAS Platform.

Advisory Bodies

Presidency: Lluís Blanch, scientific director of the I3PT

Secretariat: Anna Ullastres, Deputy Scientific Director

Administrative support: Mercè Ruiz, administrative support of the management


  • Martha Ariza, head of quality and training at I3PT
  • Assumpta Caixàs, representative of the area of ​​metabolism and digestion
  • Joan Calvet, representative of the area of ​​infections and immunology
  • Enrique Gallardo, representative of the cancer area
  • Sergio Lario, representative of the area of ​​metabolism and digestion
  • Joan Miquel, representative of the area of ​​surgery and interventional procedures
  • Gema Navarro, representative of the area of ​​epidemiology, care improvement and chronicity
  • Òscar Quijada, representative of the area of ​​infections and immunology
  • Ester Risco, representative of the area of ​​epidemiology, care improvement and chronicity
  • Anna Ruiz, representative of the area of ​​minority diseases
  • Eduard Soler, head of innovation at I3PT
  • Aina Areny, representative of the predoctoral research staff
  • Núria Riera, representative of the staff in residence
  • Itziar Montalvo, representative of the area of ​​mental health and neurosciences

Permanent guests

  • Miquel Àngel Seguí, president of CEIm
  • Coloma Moreno, CEIm secretariat
  • Anna Aguilar, head of the Projects Unit
  • Nèstor Albiñana, head of the Scientific-Technical Unit

El Scientific Advisory Committee (CAC) is a consultative and advisory body for the research and innovation activity of Parc Taulí. They include people of recognized national and international prestige in the areas of knowledge that are considered essential for research and innovation in biomedicine that are developed in the Parc Taulí.

Its members represent various sectors of society, both public and private, in different fields such as research management, intellectual property, science and business.


  • Issue opinion and evaluation on the projects that are developed in the Parc Taulí.
  • Identify business opportunities for projects.
  • Identify external business opportunities to propose projects internally.
  • Identify potential partners with whom to establish strategic alliances for the financing, development or marketing of a project and its results.
  • Bring value and legitimacy to the work carried out in R + D + I in the Parc Taulí, in order to increase its efficiency and productivity.

Presidency: Jose Ramon Seoane. Degree in Pharmacy. Graduate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and PhD in Physicochemistry. General Director of the Foundation of the Autonomous University of Madrid. He has held various positions and collaborated with various universities and state agencies in the promotion of biomedical and biotechnological research.

Secretariat: Luis Blanch

Secretariat of events: Merce Ruiz


  • A hard tackle from Joaquín Arenas to Barbero. Degree in Pharmacy and PhD in Medicine and Surgery. He is trained as a researcher in the clinical biochemistry service of the Hospital 12 de Octubre, in Madrid; at the Department of Neurology at the Carlo Besta Institute in Milan, and at the H. Houston Merrit Center at Columbia University in New York. He is currently Scientific Director of the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria i + 12, Hospital 12 de Octubre, after having been Director of the Instituto de Salud Carlos III.
  • Julio Arrizabalaga Aguirreazaldegui. Doctor of Medicine, specialist in internal medicine. Scientific Director of the Biodonostia Research Institute and Research Coordinator of the Hospital de Donostia. He has been responsible for the CAIBER Research Unit and Principal Investigator of the RETIC de Innovación, Donostia Hospital.
  • Fatima Bosch Tubert. Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​where she directs the Center for Animal Biotechnology and Gene Therapy (CBATEG). Among other awards, it is the Narcís Monturiol Medal of the Generalitat de Catalunya for scientific and technological merit.
  • Enriqueta Felip Font. Doctor of Medicine specializing in Medical Oncology. Head of the Thoracic Medical Oncology Service of the Tumor Commission at Vall d'Hebron Hospital. European Coordinator at the Working Group on European Society Guidelines. of Medical Oncology and an active member of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer.
  • Fernando Martin Sanchez. PhD in Computer Science and Medicine, Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Master's Degree in Knowledge Engineering. Research Professor in Biomedical Informatics and Coordinator of the CROSADIS Research Program (Chronicity, Digital Health and Systems) at the Instituto Nacional de Salud Carlos III. He has been Professor of Health Informatics at Melbourne Medical School and Founding Director of the Center for Health Informatics and Biomedical Medicine (HaBIC) at the University of Melbourne. Since February 2020, he has been Deputy Director General of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Enabling Technologies under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.
  • Julia Prats Moreno. PhD in Business Administration. Degree in Industrial Engineering. Professor and Academic Director at IESE Business School, University of Navarra. She has been a professor at the Wharton Business School (University of Pennsylvania) and various business schools in Mexico, Colombia and Portugal.
  • Núria Montserrat Pulido. Degree and PhD in Biology. She is an ICREA researcher and leader of a research group at the Institute of Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC). She specializes in pluripotent stem cells and the generation of complex multicellular systems for understanding the development of diseases in humans. Coordinates the ISCIII-funded Biobank and Biomodels Platform (2021-2023).
  • Ignacio Martín-Loeches. Doctor of Medicine and specialist in Intensive Care Medicine. He is a researcher, professor and full professor at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and works as a doctor at St James Hospital. He is the director of the Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Research Organization (MICRO) at Trinity College.

Presidency: Joan Martí López - General Manager of the Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí


  • Rocío Cebrián Rubio - Executive Director of Sabadell Hospital and Albada Sociosanitary Center
  • Mireia Subirana Casacuberta - Nursing Management
  • Anna Benavent Navarro - Director of Organization and Information Systems
  • Carme Díaz Fernández - Director of Quality
  • Antonio Llamas Losilla - HR Director
  • Francesc Luque López - Director of Economy and Services
  • Joan Perendreu Sans - Director of Diagnostic Imaging
  • Sònia Mariscal Pérez- Executive Director of SGG and Dependency Care
  • Anna Pujol Garcia - Nursing Care Manager
  • José Ibeas López - Head of the Cloud Nephrology research group
  • Montserrat Montaña Peironcely - Head of Teaching and Simulation Laboratory

Secretariat: Lluís Blanch Torra - Director of the I3PT

Permanent guest members:

  • Glòria Palomar Frías - I3PT Management Director
  • Xavier Gallego Moreno - Business Developer
  • Mar Castiñeira - Head of shopping
  • Gabriel Ochoa Gimeno - Head of Safety and Environment
  • Anna Augè Ruiz - Head of professional trajectories
  • Pilar Doretto - Director of Patient Management

Presidency: I followed Palmer, Michelangelo. Doctor. Oncology.

Secretariat: Moreno Quiroga, Coloma. Doctor. Fundació Parc Taulí.


  • Alfonso Zamora, Santiago. Non-medical member. Patient representative.
  • Badia Barnusell, Joan. Doctor. Pediatrics.
  • Benavent Navarro, Anna. Telecommunications Engineer.
  • Calvet Fontova, Joan. Doctor. Rheumatology.
  • Cano Palomares, Albert. Doctor. Endocrinology and Nutrition.
  • Cardoner Alvarez, Narcís. Doctor. Mental health.
  • De Haro López, Candelaria. Intensive Care Medicine.
  • García Domínguez, Rosa Mª. Member of the Customer Service.
  • Garcia Garcia, Yolanda. Doctor. Oncology.
  • García Iglesias, Pilar. Doctor. Digestive.
  • Ibeas Lopez, José. Doctor. Nephrology and Dialysis.
  • Liesa Torre-Marin, Ana María. Nurse.
  • Manríquez Tapia, Marcela. Pharmacologist.
  • Massot Mesquida, Mireia. Primary Pharmacist. Member outside the institution.
  • Reig Loncán, Guillem, Jurist. Data protection expert.
  • Soler Blanco, Nuria. Hospital Pharmacy.
  • Vinyallonga Flores, Montserrat. Non-medical member. Patient representative.

Presidency: Lluís Blanch Torra, director of the I3PT

Secretariat: Martha Ariza Sáenz, head of quality and training at I3PT


  • Gloria Palomar Frias, Management
  • Nèstor Albiñana Giménez, head of the Scientific-Technical Unit
  • Coloma Moreno Quiroga, technical secretary CEIm
  • Loli Prados Cazorla, head of the Administration Unit
  • Anna Ullastres Coll, Deputy Scientific Director
  • Eduard Soler Alonso, head of the Innovation Unit
  • Marcela Manriquez Tapia, head of the Clinical Trials Unit
  • Miquel Cruel Niebla, Head of Clinical Trials Quality
  • Anna Aguilar Aguilar, head of the Projects Unit and member of the Equality Committee
  • Carme Diaz Fernández, CCSPT Quality Director
  • Àgueda Flores, head of the UAB Quality Assurance Unit

Ombudsman: Case Box

THEombudsman or Ombudsman acts as an independent agent when there is a suspicion of scientific misconduct or professional conflicts. He is a duly qualified figure with great personal integrity, who is accessible to all the research staff of the Institute. Its action is always carried out under parameters of strict discretion and confidentiality, so that the information is never disclosed to the governing bodies or management of the I3PT. Also, theombudsman has the capacity to propose non-binding solutions, which must be approved by the governing bodies of the institution, but also has the power to act ex officio.

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