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With the aim of improving its human resources policies, I3PT adhered in 2017 to the “European Charter for Researchers” and the “Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers” and developed a strategy for Human Resources for research staff, with an Action Plan 2017-2020.

In this sense, the institute elaborated in 2017, the Selection Code of the CCSPT and its related entities, approved by the Taulí at its meeting on November 28, 2017. This Code, together with the Code of Integrity and Good Practices applicable to professionals, sets out the values, principles and good practices that have to guide the behavior of the management team and staff of Parc Taulí.

In order to allow a more agile implementation, the I3PT has developed this Selection Manual for the recruitment of research staff and structural staff of the institution, based on the principles of open, transparent recruitment and based on the merits of the applications, as advised by the European Commission in its Open report, Transparent Merit Recruitment (OTM-R).

This Manual is also framed in the context of the Equality Policy of the institute that integrates equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, without discriminating directly or indirectly on the grounds of sex, in accordance with the principle of equal opportunities established by Organic Law 3/2007 of 22 March, for effective equality between women and men, with reference to equal conditions at work, and their application.

However, in the event that the staff to be contracted is financed by an official grant, the regulations of the funding body prevail over the internal regulations.

The Institute has the following categories for hiring staff:

  • Higher Degree I: Professional with a doctoral degree
  • Higher Degree II: Professional with a bachelor's degree, bachelor's degree (more than 300 credits) or master's degree.
  • Middle Degree: Professional with a diploma or degree (less than 300 credits).
  • Second Officer: Professional with a higher degree professional training degree or higher degree training cycle.
  • Assistant: Professional with a medium-level vocational training degree or intermediate-level training cycle.

In all cases, the position will be evaluated by the minimum requirements necessary for the proper development of the work.

This Manual consists of the following sections:

  • Selection process
  • Express selection process
  • Dissemination of Job Offer
  • Selection Committee
  • Evaluation of candidacies
  • Formalization of the contract
  • Incorporation
  • Regulation
  • Attachments

Selection process

In order for the selection process to be as Open, Transparent and Merit-Based (OTM-R) as possible, we structure it in the following phases:

1. Identification of the need for recruitment

The researcher or the Management Department begins the selection process with the identification of the need to hire staff, filling in the "Hiring Form".

Once this need has been identified, the Department of Administration will be contacted to assess budget availability, and if so, prepare the document “Job Description (DLT)”, with the specific competency requirements to carry out the tasks. specific conditions of the job, as well as the conditions offered.

2. Publication of the job offer

Based on the DLT described, the Administration prepares the document “Job Offer” and this department will be responsible for sending it to the Head of Selection of the Parc Taulí Corporation Consortium (CCSPT) for its coding and publication.

Express selection process

In justified situations of need arising from the incorporation of staff, such as the replacement of a worker with a temporary disability without prior notice, when the incorporation of staff must take place on a specific day for scientific reasons or is provided for in a official grant, an express selection process can be followed, consisting of the shortening of the phases, in accordance with the deadlines that must be met for the proper development of the job.

In the cases in which it is considered necessary for a correct evaluation of the candidacy, it will be possible to request in the Offer that together with the curriculum, a proposal related to the job will be presented.

Dissemination of the job offer

The I3PT, with the aim of reaching the largest number of people interested in being part of the institution, disseminates its website and other institutional websites:

  • The offer is published by the CCSPT Selection Department on the I3PT institutional website and on the CCSPT website.
  • The I3PT Administration Department disseminates the offer to entities related to the sector, such as: BIOCAT, universities, Linkedin, and EURAXESS.

Selection Committee

The main function of the Selection Committee is to evaluate the applications submitted. It is for this reason that members must have sufficient training and experience to evaluate them objectively.

The Selection Committee must ensure compliance with:

  • The principles of OTM-R in and throughout the selection process
  • Equality Policy

Once the application has been evaluated, the committee must issue a report with the evaluation of the selection process itself which assesses its suitability in accordance with the principles, values ​​and procedure to be followed, and another relating to the applications submitted.

The Selection Committee will be composed of a minimum of two people. Three assumptions can be made, depending on the nature of the workplace:

  • Personal hiring structure: The Management Department, the Head of Administration, and if necessary, the person in charge of the department in need of staff and / or the Head of Selection of the CCSPT.
  • Hiring of research staff: The Group Leader, the Responsible Researcher and the Head of Administration, and if necessary, the Management Department and / or the Head of Selection of the CCSPT.
  • Hiring managerial positions: The Management of the CCSPT and those positions that are considered necessary for a correct and objective evaluation of the candidacies.

Receipt and evaluation of resumes

The reception of CVs is mainly done through a recruitment platform, to which the Head of Selection and the Head of Administration have access.

In cases where the institutions where the offer is published have their own platforms, and therefore it is not possible to put the link to receive the offers through the usual route, the Head of Administration receives an e-mail from the entity with a link to download the resume.

Evaluation and selection

The Selection Committee evaluates the candidacies in an objective way, in three phases:

  • 1 phase: evaluation of curricula according to the degree of fulfillment of the requirements of the job offer, using a grid.
  • 2 phase: the candidates chosen in phase 1, are interviewed for more information on their skills and attitudes. These will be done in person at I3PT, but if necessary they can be done by Skype. The interviews will follow the script established for the Selection Committee to carry out an objective evaluation, making use of the previously elaborated grid, where the elements to evaluate and the score will appear.
  • 3 phase: Candidates who pass Phase 2 will undergo a psychotechnical examination and, if deemed appropriate, other selective tests.

Once the evaluation process has been completed, and following the I3PT Equality Policy, the Committee chooses the candidacy that best suits the needs of the institution.

The communication to the chosen person is made by the Head of Administration through a notification via the recruitment platform used (in order to complete the internal procedure of the platform) and by telephone in order to offer more communication. customized.

Once the candidate has accepted the job offer, the Administration Department communicates to the Selection Department, through the final report of the process, the person chosen to fill the position.

In the event that no candidacy passes the evaluation made by the Selection Committee, the position will be vacant and could be reconvened.

Communication to candidates who have not passed the selection stages is made through a notification via the Talent Clue platform.

Formalization of the contract

In order to formalize the contract, the Department of Administration requires the candidate the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of ID, current address, postal code and contact telephone number.
  • Photocopy of affiliation card or document stating the number. In the event that this is the first time you have had an employment relationship, you must go to the Treasury (with your DNI) in order to request the aforementioned affiliation number.
  • Photocopy of the academic degree. Compulsed by the staff of the professional group 1. This certification will be made to the Personnel Administration with the presentation of the original title.
  • Photocopy of membership document (if necessary).
  • Bank account number: IBAN
  • 1 photo.

The I3PT Administration Department records the necessary information regarding the application to the Hippocrates application, as explained in the document “I3PT Staff Registration”.

Once all the information has been registered, the Administration Department of the institute sends the following information to the CCSPT Personnel Administration Department, responsible for managing the contracts of all the entities in Parc Taulí:

  • The hiring application through the document "Contract Request", which is prepared automatically from the Hippocrates application.
  • The Final Process Report.
  • All the documentation required of the aforementioned candidate.

Incorporation of the candidate

The incorporated person is received by the Head of Administration and Management, the researcher in charge, or the person in charge of the Department.

This is reported by:

General information

  • Collective agreement
  • Specific information depending on the job

Institutional information

  • Strategic Plan in R + D + I 2016-2020
  • R & D & I Training Plan

Institutional regulations

  • Research staff guide
  • Code of Good Scientific Practice
  • R + D + I policy
  • Industrial Property Regulations
  • Equality Plan
  • Protocol against sexual and gender harassment


Internal regulations

  • CCSPT Selection Code, in what does not oppose this Manual.
  • CCSPT Code of Integrity and Good Practice.
  • Equality Plan.

External regulations

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