RRI: responsible research and innovation

The I3PT, with its ethical and social commitment, is in line with the principles of the RRI and promotes in its institution an inclusive research and innovation, oriented to the society where its results are desired, ethical and necessary and a research and innovation that is done under the principle of economic and environmental sustainability.

What is RRI?

RRI is the acronym for Responsible Research and Innovation, which aims to achieve sustainable, ethically acceptable and socially desirable results. It seeks to ensure that all stakeholders / stakeholders work together in the research and innovation process.

The RRI contemplates different agendas necessary to achieve this purpose:

  1. Citizen participation: All actors must be involved in the research and innovation process in order to align the results with the values, needs and expectations of European society.
  2. Gender equality: consider the gender dimension at each stage of R & D & I to improve the quality and social impact of the results. Promote teams with a gender balance throughout the organizational structure of the Institute. Take into account the gender dimension in research and innovation planning to improve the quality and relevance of results.
  3. Science education: improving the current educational model to train citizens in the skills and knowledge that allows them to participate in the haste of decisions related to research and innovation and also with the aim of increasing the number of researchers promoting scientific vocations ..
  4. Ethics: takes into account the integrity of research: preventing unacceptable research practices; and science and society: the ethical acceptance of scientific and technological advances.
  5. Open access: open access from the beginning of scientific work can improve the quality of research and facilitate rapid innovation, constructive collaborations between collaborators and productive dialogue with civil society.
  6. Governance: governance must be robust and adaptable enough for the unpredictable development of research and innovation and share responsibility among a wide variety of actors. Provide governance instruments to foster shared responsibility.

What have we done at I3PT on every agenda?

Participation in projects with the presence of stakeholders, including citizens

Open days of the Institute

  • Annual visit of TV3 Marathon donors

Sponsorship. Make the Institute known and offer visibility

Other events with citizen participation

Dissemination and dissemination of science


  • Resident doctors R & D & I course
  • Nurse

Collaborations with schools and universities

  • Program "Magnet. Alliances for educational success" with Escola Samuntada, a program promoted by the Jaume Bonfill Foundation, the Department of Education, the Provincial Council of Barcelona and the UAB Institute of Education Sciences
  • Collaborations with universities in carrying out final degree and master's theses:
  • Collaboration with the Teaching Unit of Medicine at the UAB to promote student participation in research projects. It is encouraged with an award within the annual call for scholarships which the Institute does.

Participation in science and innovation fairs

  • Healthio
  • Smart City Expo World Barcelona 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Fira Transfiere Málaga 2021

Organization of Cycles of Conferences I3PT

Organization and participation of meetings in innovation: XISCAT Coffees, XISCAT Vermouths, Matchmaking ITEMAS 2021 (in vitro diagnostics)


  • Publication of codes of ethics:
    • Code of Good Clinical Practice.
    • Research staff manual.
  •  Care for the protection of personal data subject to periodic audits.
  • Research Ethics Committee, with evaluation and monitoring of all research projects carried out at the Institute.
  • Publication of research results with clear criteria for publication, authorship and review. Periodic evaluation of scientific production is also carried out.
  • Specific training in good practices related to research and innovation:
    • Training in good clinical practices aimed at researchers.
    • Training in R & D & I for resident doctors.
    • Training in waste for all staff.
    • Quality training.
  • Treatment of waste, data and material resulting from the researchers.
  • UNE 166002 certification for R & D & I management.
  • Access to the Digital Repository and Data (DDD) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona to deposit the publications.
  • Open and free access to medical material designs validated by 3D printing. Published the catalog of pieces with the technical parameters of design, requirements of material and parameters of impressesion.
  • Specific training within the Conference Cycles organized by the I3PT and within the I3PT Training Plan 2022.
  • Elaboration of an internal guide of good practices in the management of research data by the I3PT research staff.
  • I3PT Open Access Policy.
  • Planning under the axes and objectives marked in the Strategic Plan of the Institute that contemplates, among others, aspects of quality and the RRI.
  • Composition of the governing bodies with the representation of entities and knowledge necessary for the good governance of the entity.
  • Set of advisory bodies for the best decision-making of the governing and management bodies:
    • Research Ethics Committee
    • Research Committee
    • Innovation Committee
    • Scientific Advisory Committee
    • Equality Committee
    • Safety and Hygiene Committee
  • Review and update of the new statutes linked to the new structure of the Institute.
  • Collaboration in the project H2020 RRI LEADERS led by the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation.
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