Multidisciplinary approach for the development of Artificial Intelligence tools to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of OsteoArthritis (OA)
Multidisciplinary approach to the development of Artificial Intelligence tools to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of osteoarthritis. OASIS

Welcome to OASIS

El OASIS project aims to develop a high-capacity tool integrating a large amount of information from multiple and diverse sources, based on artificial intelligence, to comprehensively obtain a better diagnostic and prognostic approach in patients with osteoarthritis.


  • Project budget: €1.337.247,04
  • LEITAT budget: €172.949,04
  • Funding framework: Projects in public-private collaboration 2021
  • Start date: 01/09/2022
  • End date: 31/08/2025
  • Contract number: CPP2021-008422

Project CPP2021-008422 funded by:

Participating centers

This project is in collaboration with the following centers:

  • Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute
  • Cetir
  • Qrem
  • Leitat Technological Center
  • QUAES Foundation

Objectives and methodology

Lmain objective of the OASIS project is to develop a integrative platform based on artificial intelligence to comprehensively obtain a better diagnostic and prognostic approach in patients with osteoarthritis (OA).

With this aim, a multidisciplinary group of basic researchers, clinicians, radiologists and patient associations of Exploraciones Radiológicas Especiales (ERESA), CETIR Medic Center (CETIR), QREM Regenerative Technology (QREM), Leitat Technological Center (LEITAT) has been formed ), Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) and the QUAES Foundation, coordinated by ERESA and CETIR (technical coordinator), to work together and advance quickly in the proposed objectives.

In this project it is proposed to make one broad approach to the analysis of biomarkers in blood from several points of view (proteomic, biochemical, composition of miRNAs and SARC in exosomes) that will allow us deepen the knowledge base of the studied pathology, and will help us define new and extensive biomarker expression profiles with the ultimate goal of establishing a protein signature that will help healthcare systems improve existing diagnosis/prognosis and define future personalized therapeutic strategies for OA patients.

The integration of all these data together with MRI findings in an AI model could mark a milestone in the diagnosis and prognosis of OA.

Diffusion of the project

'TN Evening' (TV3)

As part of the Mobile World Congress, TV3's 'TN Vespre' broadcast a news story about OASIS with the aim of explaining a project that was applying Artificial Intelligence in the field of health.

Joan Calvet, principal researcher at OASIS, accompanied by a rheumatology patient, explained what the project consists of and the benefits it will bring to patients.

Watch the news

'3 24' (CCMA)

As a follow-up to the news from 'TN Vespre' (TV3), a report was published on the website of '3 24' which addressed the technologies applied to health and explained in detail OASIS, as an example of project that uses artificial intelligence to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of knee osteoarthritis.

Read the news
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