Post-Intensive Care Syndrome in COVID-19 patient

Objectives and methodology


Main objective

Characterize the profile of Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) in the survivor of critical illness by COVID-19.

Secondary objectives

  • Develop a combined system of telematic monitoring and face-to-face visits based on technological solutions and decision trees for the early detection of PICS.
  • Generate a program that allows the accompaniment of ICU survivors for COVID-19 disease focused on the early detection, prevention and management of PICS.
  • To compare the prevalence and characteristics of PICS in COVID-19 critical illness survivors with PICS data in non-COVID-19 critical illness survivors.

An annual program to accompany and monitor post-ICU sequelae in survivors of COVID disease19


Development of a web platform that includes:

  • Instruments for assessing the functional, cognitive and emotional symptoms associated with PICS.
  • Tools for the management and prevention of PICS.

Current results


Participants (Gender)

  • homes
  • Gifts

Percentage of participants who report PHYSICAL and FUNCTIONAL DIFFICULTIES 1, 3, 6 and 9 months after ICU discharge

  • 1 Month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months

Percentage of participants who report EMOTIONAL DIFFICULTIES 1, 3, 6 and 9 months after ICU discharge

  • 1 Month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months

Percentage of participants who report COGNITIVE DIFFICULTIES 1, 3, 6 and 9 months after ICU discharge

  • 1 Month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months

Equipment and contact

The PICS-COVID19 study at the Parc Taulí Hospital in Sabadell is carried out by the team of “Translational Research in Pathophysiology Associated with Critical Illness”Of the Parc Taulí Research Institute (I3PT) in collaboration with other clinical professionals from the Parc Taulí Health Corporation (CSPT), the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital -Faltació Althaia de Manresa and researchers belonging to the Centro de Investigación Biomédica in Network of Respiratory Diseases (CIBERES) and Mental Health (CIBERSAM).

Sol Fernandez
Guillem Navarre
Mercé Jodar
Intensive Care medicine
Ana Ochagavia
Marta Godoy
Nuria Miguel
Intensive Care medicine
Cristina Espinal
Intensive Care medicine
Candelaria De Haro
Intensive Care medicine
Cristina Fortià
Intensive Care medicine
Gemma Gomà
Intensive Care medicine
Josephine Lopez
Intensive Care medicine
Luis Blanch
Rehabilitative Medicine
Natalia Ridao
Laia Oliveras
Mental Health
Cardoner Narcís
Mental Health
Diego Palao
Computer Systems
Ignacio Gordon
Computer Systems
Anna Benavent


IP: Sol Fernández Gonzalo


Sabadell newspaper 28-04-2020

RTVE: The Covid does not end when the patient is discharged

La Vanguardia: Hospital Parc Taulí is looking for identify emotional sequelae of COVID

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The TVE Catalunya news program

Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí de Sabadell

Parc Taulí Research Institute (I3PT)

Awards and recognitions

E-nnova Health 2021

The E-nnova Health 2021, awards convened by Diario Médico and Correo Farmacéutico, selected the APPICS application in the Telesalud and E-Learning category

Link to the news

COVID-19 2021 Award for Research in Disease - Catalan Society of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine

The prize was a financial contribution of 4.000 for the project.

3rd prize for the Improvement of Care Quality - Parc Taulí Hospital

The endowment of the prize was 1.000 euros

Participant space

Behind each participant in this study is a personal story of overcoming, exertion, and recovery. This space is inspired by the feeling of humanity and gratitude that this experience of accompanying people who were admitted to the ICU of the Parc Taulí Hospital for COVID-19 disease last year has generated.

Many thanks to all of you for agreeing to participate in the PICS-COVID19 study

"Núria, the daughter of one of the participants in the study, her sister Maria and her high school classmates were inspired by the experience her father had after entering the ICU of the Parc Taulí University Hospital due to COVID-19 disease to do its research work.

The work includes a review of the psychological effects of COVID-19 and various interviews with affected individuals and health personnel, including members of the PICS-COVID19 study. Congratulations on your excellent work. ”

Family member of one of the participants in the PICS-COVID study19.

Thank you for the work you are doing and most of all for the attention you are giving my mother. On behalf of my entire family and on my own, I am infinitely grateful to the entire Taulí team for what you are doing and the way you treat patients.

If this situation is of any use, it is to morally value all your sacrifice, work and dedication (hopefully it will also be recognized in other respects).

Family member of one of the participants in the PICS-COVID study19.

The macarettes were a gift from one of the study participants. Thank you so much for the detail!

I'm JP, a lucky survivor of Covid19. I do not know how to express my gratitude to our health workers and to what they did for me during my stay in the ICU in March 2020. I will never be able to forget the affection and dedication towards me in such difficult times. I can't express in words what my heart feels. THANK YOU, INFINITE THANK YOU. You are Angels on earth !.

My admiration and appreciation to the entire human team of Parc Taulí Sabadell for all the effort, dedication and affection you give to all patients in general and to Covid19 patients in particular. I would like to add a message for those who deny reality: please stay home if you become infected and leave hospital beds for those who really need it. Our toilets are exhausted and continue to expose their lives to care, without exclusion or distinction, for everyone, including those who deny the tragedies that are happening since a damn coronavirus settled among us.

Participant in the PICS-COVID study19.

I am MRC I participated in the PICS-COVID19 study at Tauli Park. Having COVID was the worst experience of my life. And I have to give, with all my heart, many thanks to all of you. Starting with UCI professionals. I was very serious and (…) left the hospital two months later. When I woke up it was like a vegetable. I couldn’t move, or talk, or walk, or swallow liquid, I needed help with everything.

I thank you for the work you are doing and especially the care you are giving everyone and me, and the way you treat our patients. I am aware of the sacrifice, hard work and dedication you profess to us. Not being able to have our relatives we feel very alone and we are lucky with them for their sweetness, patience, the way they treat us, give us encouragement…. i loved them all. 

I am a lucky survivor of COVID 19 and I cannot find words to express my gratitude, nor the affection that our health professionals inspire in me. To the post-covid follow-up of Tauli Park, my admiration and recognition to the entire super human team. I will never tire of thanking you.

Participant in the PICS-COVID study19.

I want to thank you for your support during these months, thank you for everything.

Participant in the PICS-COVID study19.

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