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La Barcelona Medical Photonics Network (BMPN) promotes the research and development activities in photonics that are being carried out in the demarcation of Barcelona through long-term collaborations between the ICFO and its biomedical and clinical partners, which include the I3PT.

Network of hospitals, social and health centers in Catalonia and Spain which promotes and encourages R & D & I, the protection and transfer of derived results, through cooperation between member centers, and with institutions and companies dedicated to the health sector.

OSAMCAT is a research, training and advisory body in the field of mental health, born from an initiative of the Parc Taulí Health Corporation and the Fundació Parc Taulí. It is currently made up of various institutions from the world of academia, research and social action.

Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB) is a non-profit association that offers education and training, encourages advanced research, knowledge and technology transfer, stimulates competitiveness and innovation in the industrial sector and provides greater visibility as an international node. in the field of bioinformatics.

The Catalan Coordinator of Foundations (CCF) promotes spaces for debate and meeting between foundations in the same field to generate synergies, promote projects of common interest and encourage networking. The I3PT participates in the Technology and Research Commission.

R + D + i networks to carry out programs for the valorisation and transfer of research results (AGAUR-FEDER / Code: IU68-013943).

IP: Diego J. Palao

Start: 01.07.2020

R + D + i networks to carry out programs for the valorisation and transfer of research results (AGAUR-FEDER / Code: IU68-013663).

IP: Miriam Guitart

Start: 01.07.2020

Carlos III Health Institute

  • Group CB06 / 06/1097 "Translational research in pathophysiology associated with the critically ill."
    • Led group.
    • IP: Lluís Blanch Torra.
  • Group CB06 / 06/0036
    • Group participated.
    • Researchers: Manel Luján Torné, Miguel Gallego Díaz.
  • Group CB06 / 04/0036 "Helicopter pylori infection."
    • Led group.
    • IP: Xavier Calvet Calvo.
  • Group CB19 / 09/00029  "Translational Mental Health (Clinical-Basic) Applied to Research on Depression and Suicide Prevention."
    • Led group.
    • IP: Diego J. Palao Vidal. 
  • Group CB07 / 09/0010
    • Group participated.
    • Researcher: María Serra Blasco.
  • Group CB07 / 08/0012
    • Group participated.
    • Researcher: José Miguel González Clemente.
  • LAUGHTER 16 (Spanish Network for AIDS Research). Resolution 26/11/2016.
    • Leadership.
    • IP: Gemma Navarro Rubio.
  • Resolution 26/11/2016.
    • Leadership.
    • IP: Oriol Gasch Blasi.
  • Resolution 26/11/2016.
    • Leadership.
    • IP: Maria Luisa Baré Mañas.

Platform that encourages innovation in health technology to make the National Health System more sustainable, supporting the development of innovative culture, to facilitate the integration of the science-industry system in the field of medical technology. We are coordinators of the working group on process innovation and are part of the entrepreneurship working group.

Coordination of the Units of Support for Innovation Program.

    • IP: Lluís Blanch Torra.

Other networks

Association that aims to create an environment of collaboration between the associated entities for the promotion and development of activities of management, valorization and transfer of knowledge to the productive sector.

Network that enhances and disseminates the role of universities as essential elements within the national innovation system.

Voluntary association at a national level that brings together people who form or have been part of any of the different Research Ethics Committees, as well as other people linked to them with common interests.

Network that aims to encourage a change in the practices of acquisition of innovation in European health systems around the concept of value-based purchasing (Value Based Public Procurement of Innovation) and the generation of a more advantageous framework from the point of view of economic view for bidding processes (MEAT).

Since 2021, Parc Taulí has ​​been part of theEuropean Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN), a European consortium that aims to improve patient care with the homogenization of health data.

Through the ITEMAS platform we are registered in ERRIN, a research and innovation network of European regions.

Through the Health and Social Consortium of Catalonia we are in the European alliance of public health procurement.

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