Data and Technological Innovation in Health

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The adoption of digital technology and new technologies in the healthcare environment is being key, not only to improve efficiency, but also to adapt to changes in society.

The digital transformation allows to improve the experience of all the actors relevant for the improvement of the health: from the clinical and management professionals, to the patients and the society in general.

I3PT works closely with the Organization and Information Systems Department of the Parc Taulí Health Corporation to develop and implement innovative solutions along the following strategic lines:

  • Artificial intelligence applied to clinical data and medical imaging.
  • Device and IoT connectivity.
  • Virtual reality.
  • 3D printing technology.
  • Applications of 5G technology to healthcare improvement.
Area coordination
Anna Benavent Navarro

Strategic lines of the area

  • AI applied to clinical data and medical imaging
  • Connectivity of IoT devices
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • 3D printing technology
  • Applications of 5G technology to improve care

Outstanding projects

LuCADAlert – Optimal Lung. Development of AI-based algorithms for the early detection of lung cancer in medical imaging.

IP: Manel Luján / Eduard Monsó


Contributors: Eurecat, VHIR.

Impact: The project promotes the incorporation of algorithms based on convolutional neural networks to detect lung cancer nodules in radiographs and tomography. The objective is to detect those cases that may be overlooked when performing the image test, or for those images that are not analyzed by a specialist.


THESAUS Dear Heecap

IP: Oriol Roca

Financing: CaixaImpulse Validate

Contributors: VHIR.

Impact: Established in 2021 as a shared spin-off between I3PT and VHIR (from 2023), the project aims to develop an innovative medical device, Heecap, for the recovery of mechanically ventilated patients using electrostimulation. The product will allow a faster recovery of the patient, reducing the days of mechanical ventilation.


BARITONE. Boosting digital transition in healthcare: integration of clinical data and AI technologies for high accuracy phenotyping of complex diseases.

IP: Jordi Gratacós / Joan Calvet

Financing: Ecological Transition and Digital Transition Projects, Ministry of Science and Innovation (PEICTI)

Contributors: Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Impact: The project aims to promote the digitization of the health care value chain, with a special emphasis on the exploitation of data by clinical staff, researchers and scientists of Artificial Intelligence, to improve attention to patients The project focuses on minority autoimmune diseases in adults, where the digitization of the data will serve as a valuable proof of concept. The technological infrastructure used will be used for other research and various clinical applications, benefiting the different actors in the health value chain.

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