External collaborations

Integration of groups and researchers

The I3PT aims to promote the integration of the research groups that make up the Institute while establishing mechanisms for the assignment of new groups and researchers. If they are interested, in both cases a request must be sent to the Scientific Director of the Institute to start the internal evaluation process.

The evaluation is carried out following the same criteria as those that are internally approved by the Scientific Committees and Governing Bodies for the accreditation of groups at the Institute and the alignment with the research areas of the same is also taken into account.

You can address your request to the address direccioi3pt@tauli.cat.

Mixed units

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is part of the I3PT and encourages collaboration between research groups by bringing together basic research and clinical research.

There are collaboration agreements signed in different areas of knowledge, but we also have the possibility of creating a Mixed Unit consolidating the relationship and integration of the groups.

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