AGAUR research groups

Research groups recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya SGR 2017-2019

Resolution: August 4, 2018

Coordinator: Lluís Blanch
Group Name: Translational research in pathophysiology associated with the critically ill patient.
File: File: 2017 SGR 955

Coordinator: Xavier Labad
Group Name: Psychoneuroendocrinology and stress in Psychosis (PSICPNEC).
File: 2017 SGR 632

Coordinator: Eduard Monsó
Group Name: Inter-agency Research Group on Metropolitan Respiratory Diseases North of Barcelona (RESPINORD-BCN).
File: 2017 SGR 716

Coordinator: Cardoner Narcís
Group Name: Cognitive Neuroscience & Affective Disorders (CNAD).
File: 2017 SGR 1292

Coordinator: Diego Palao
Group Name: E-Mental Health, prevention and epidemiology in neuropsychiatric illnesses.
File: 2017 SGR 1412

Coordinator: Oriol Gasch
Group Name: Community Infections and Healthcare Associations Study Group.
File: 2017 SGR 677

Coordinator: Mercedes Rigla
Group Name: Endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism.
File: 2017 SGR 923

Coordinator: Xavier calvet
Group Name: Gastrointestinal Inflammation and Hepatic Diseases Research Group.
File: 2017 SGR 853

Coordinator: My Rosa Bella
Group Name: Thyroid Cancer Research Group.
File: 2017 SGR 473

Coordinator: Xavier Serra
Group Name: TEO / NOTES (COLOPROCTO-TAULI) Minimally Invasive Surgery Surgery Research Group.
File: 2017 SGR 299

Coordinator: Mª Lluïsa Baré
Group Name: Chronicle and Public Health-CRiSP.
File: 2017 SGR 622

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