Mental Health
and Addictions

Organizational structure



Mental Health and Addictions Parc Taulí offers specialized care to people with mental health problems, aimed at families and the community and at the same time articulates interventions with other public and private services.

It is one of the seven centers of the Parc Taulí Health Corporation. It has, along with four others, centralized management within the Corporation: Hospital de Sabadell, Albada Social and Health Center, Parc Taulí Primary Care and Dependency Care). The other two centers have their own legal personality: UDIAT Center Diagnostic SA and Sabadell Gent Gran SA, of which the Corporation is the sole partner.

The World Health Organization has forecasted that mental health problems will be one of the main health problems in the European Region in the coming years. It is estimated that 25% of the population has a mental health problem throughout their lives. In this context, we present the main reasons for consulting the Parc Taulí Mental Health Center, the main reasons for psychiatric hospitalization and the most common diagnoses at discharge.

Main reasons for consulting our center

Adult Mental Health Service

Adaptive disorders. Maladaptive reactions to identifiable psychosocial factors (situations of mourning, divorce, marital separation, employment difficulties, economic crises, retirement, failure to achieve personal goals, etc.). These are issues that cause GPs to consult, and it is this who decides if there are reasons for referral to mental health.
Affective disorders, anxiety and depression. They should not be confused with the experiences of anxiety and sadness inherent in human existence and which in no case can be considered as psychiatric disorders.

Children and Youth Mental Health Service

  • Behavioral problems. When they are constant and disrupt coexistence within the family and school environment.
  • Problems in learning
  • Serious behaviors of a violent nature
  • Affective disorders

Reasons for psychiatric hospitalization

Severe psychiatric pathology that, due to its clinical decompensation, cannot be stabilized on an outpatient basis and / or there is a risk that life-threatening attacks or dangerous behavior in the environment may occur. Abandonment of basic habits is also a cause for admission, which may occur, for example, in some severe depression or in some psychotic disorders.

Most common diagnoses at discharge

  • Schizophrenic disorder
  • Severe mood disorders (or affective disorders)
  • Personality disorders


Ct. Clinical and Mental Health and Addiction Management.

Clinical and Management Committee for Mental Health and Addictions Parc Taulí

Siddarta Baqué Sack
Psychotic Disorders Coordination

Eugenio Berlanga Staircase
Head of Postgraduate Teaching Studies

Lluís Blanch Torra
Research and Innovation Management

Narcís Cardoner Alvarez
Head of Community Mental Health Area and OSAMCAT

Ana Isabel Cebrià Mecca
Adult Psychology Coordination

Ramon Coronas Borri
Coordination of the Specialized Service in Mental Health and Intellectual Disability (SESMDI)

Esther Cortés Daza
Head of the Social Work Unit

Sara Crivillés Mas
Coordination of Affective Disorders and Anxiety

Josep M. Crosas Armengol
Coordination of SRC Antaviana

Pilar Doretto
Director of Patient Management and Citizen Care

Child and Adolescent Community Mental Health Coordination

Rebeca Grace Liso
Psiq Hospitalization Coordination. Children and Youth

Albert Barn Lazarus
Chief of Mental Health Nursing

Eva Lopez Baena
Technical Secretariat / Coordination in the administrative field

Erika Martínez Amorós
Coordination of Adult Hospitalization and Psychiatric Emergencies

Carmen Massons Capdevila
Coordination of Drug Addictions

Itziar Montalvo Aguirrezabala
Community Mental Health Community Hospitalization Coordinator

Diego Palao Vidal
Direction of Mental Health Parc Taulí

Montserrat Pàmias Massana
Head of Child and Youth Mental Health Area

Isabel Maria Parra Uribe
Head of Adult Hospitalization and Psychiatric Emergencies

Joaquim Puntí Vidal
Coordination of Child and Adolescent Psychology and the Adolescent Day Hospital

Miguel Angel Ruiz Domingo
Head of Cost Accounting

Director of Mental Health Parc Taulí

Diego Palao Vidal