About us

The Observatory of Community Mental Health of Catalonia (OSAMCAT) was born from an initiative of the Parc Taulí Health Corporation and the Fundació Parc Taulí of Sabadell, with the commitment of the Ministry of Health, as a research, training body. and counseling in the field of Mental Health.

OSAMCAT identifies five points of action:

  1. Evaluation, innovation and support in the field of medicine.
  2. Methodologies for evaluating e-health and m-health solutions, their application in mental health projects, and their incorporation through public procurement schemes of innovation and other schemes of incorporation and innovation adoption
  3. Innovation in mental health services in the field of Health Management Innovation Observatory (OIGSS).
  4. Patient Scope: Shared decisions, health literacy, user-based innovation, co-development, co-creation
  5. Assessment of the implications and scope of specific health or social health programs with regard to approaches and implications related to the different aspects of Mental Health.


The objectives of the OSAMCAT * initiative are:

  • Elaborate recommendations of specific action within the Comprehensive Plan of Mental Health and Addictions, suggesting to the various involved administrations the lines to follow in the unfolding of resources and social and sanitary devices.
  • Advise interested companies on measures that can act as a preventive measure in the field of occupational health.
  • To build a stable and own system of key mental health indicators that is compatible with international indicators but which meets the specifics of Catalonia.
  • Make recommendations on potential information systems relevant to the impact analysis of mental health problems.
  • Collaborate with the relevant bodies at the institutional level in educational, teaching, research and evaluation aspects related to the field of mental health.
  • Review the roles and competencies of mental health professionals to ensure and guide their continued professional development (CPD).
  • Determine the training, research and teaching needs that must be carried out within the Mental Health Network, as well as in all those networks involved in the management of mental health problems.
  • Design, promote and develop research projects in the field of mental health and related areas.
  • Promote innovation in addressing mental health issues. Promote the development of specific programs for the application and evaluation of the new tools for diagnosis, prevention and treatment as a pre-implementation step.
  • To foster the management of knowledge and the industrial intellectual property rights derived from it.

* This initiative is part of a collaboration agreement with the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment (AQUAS).