The Parc Taulí Programming Service begins, this first half of 2017 and progressively, the communication via SMS of the appointments of visits and scheduled tests (except for the visits that are made to the CAP Can Rull, the CAP Sant Fèlix and the CAP Cerdanyola-Ripollet)

In the coming days, all patients at Parc Taulí who have their mobile phone registered in their medical history will receive an SMS informing them that, from April, this will be the exclusive means of communicating their appointments.

In view of this, the following is underlined:

  • From now on, it is very important that Parc Taulí has ​​the correct mobile phone number, and that the user reports any changes.
  • Those users who do not have their mobile phone will continue to receive their paper communications, as before.
  • Patients who have a mobile phone, but who prefer to continue receiving appointments by letter, via regular mail, may request it.

All communications related to the verification of the mobile phone number or any other request related to the notification of appointments via SMS can be made:

• By email, to the address This e-mail address is being protected from robots spam.Necessites Javascript enabled to view it.


• Personally, als Programming desks.

Remember that you can also check your scheduled visits and tests through the space Consultation of visits and scheduled tests of this same website.

The CUIDA'M card is the individual health card (TSI) that identifies those people who, due to their special clinical characteristics (autism, dementia, behavioral disorders, brain damage, etc.) need different actions in their care.

Parc Taulí's commitment to the holders of this card is:

• Ensure that all these patients are accompanied at all times (with justified exceptions) by their referring relative.

• Speed ​​up your attention:

• Emergencies: The criterion of triage will be a priority and, on equal terms, these patients will be prioritized.

• CCEE: To guarantee that there is no delay in accordance with the agreed time and to try to expedite the attention previous identification of its condition ".

The specialist doctor who visits you at the Parc Taulí Health Corporation can inform you about the CUIDA'M card. The doctor can request it with the patient's prior authorization. You can also ask Customer Service for more information.


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