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The Parc Taulí presents the first mobile application aimed at patients and users of the hospital, with which you can view and manage scheduled visits and tests at the different care centers in Parc Taulí, as well as other information of interest related to the location and services of these centers, the care urgent and the institution's current news.




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What can you do with the Parc Taulí app?


CONSULTATION AND APPOINTMENT MANAGEMENT. You can see the details of the appointments, including date and time, service, type of visit, interactive location, as well as advance preparations, if required. It is also possible to request a change or cancellation of the appointment.

INCLUSION OF CHILDREN AND GUARDIAN MINOR. If you have children under the age of 16 and/or under your care, you can include them when you register in the personal area and thus consult and manage their appointments together with yours.

CITATION FILTER. Whether you have guardians or not, all appointments will appear sorted by date, but you can also filter them to decide which ones you want to see, including appointments that have already been made.

PROOF OF ATTENDANCE. Once the visit has been completed, you can download the receipt, and thus avoid queuing to request it.

NOTIFICATIONS. You will be notified when a visit is scheduled or changed, and you will also receive visit reminders.

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RECOMMENDATIONS FOR URGENT ATTENTION. The aim is to guide users on how to act in an emergency, providing information on 061 and Primary Care Emergency Centres.

WAITING TIME. The waiting times at the Parc Taulí Emergency Department are shown for severity levels 4 and 5, organized by specialties of care.



CARE CENTERS. Parc Taulí service centers are shown, both those located inside the Taulí complex and those outside, with details of their contact details and the services they offer.

INTERACTIVE MAP OF THE TAULÍN PRECINCT. It offers a more interactive and innovative experience to move around the different buildings of the Taulí complex and access their contact and services.

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RECENT NEWS Collection of the news published in the Parc Taulí current affairs space, allowing them to be shared through social networks and messaging applications.

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