Adaptation measures to COVID-19 that affect patients, relatives and / or companions of the Parc Taulí

This information will be kept up to date by virtue of the epidemiological situation of the territory.

Access to buildings

  • To access the different buildings you must bring mask surgical.
  • Make one hand hygiene to the enabled area.
  • Respects the basic rules of distancing.

You do NOT have to come to the hospital:

  • If you have any of these symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, sore throat, joint pain, loss of taste or smell.
  • If you have had one for less than 14 days close contact with an infected person or suspected infection.
  • If you have suffered there infection and you still have symptoms, or they disappeared less than 14 days ago.

Regulations for visits for relatives and companions

  • 1 companion per patient.

Visiting hours at Hospitalization

Taulí Buildings, Gran Via Front (2nd floor), Albada and VII Centenari

  • 9 21 from a h

Visiting hours for Critics 

  • UCI, UCI Frontal Gran Via, UCCRI and Semicritics:
    • 7.30 8 from a h
      13 15 from a h
      18 19 from a h
      22.30 23 from a h


  • Visits to patients are allowed.

In the event that visits are restricted at any time, the healthcare team will contact the family member authorized by the patient.

The following exceptions are warranted, regardless of whether visits to certain areas or to all hospitalization units are restricted at any time:

 Exceptions to the general rules of visits
 The presence of a companion is ALWAYS allowed (the same person every day)Necessary visits are allowed at the discretion of the care teamAdditionally, a one-off visit is allowed
Hospitalization - Patients with physical or intellectual disabilities or severe sensory deficits
- Minors
- Partition process
- Situation of end of life
- Acute confusional syndromes / delirium
- Inability to communicate by telephone
- Postoperative patients on the same day of surgery
- Entrance to the critical area
Critics - Minors - Situation of end of life
- Acute confusional syndromes / delirium
- Postoperative patients on the same day of surgery
Emergencies - Patients profile Take care of me
- Patients in end-of-life situation
- Minors
- Psychiatric patients
- Acute confusional syndromes / delirium and others for consideration by the care team

Outpatient consultations and day hospitals (Hospital, UDIAT, Mental Health, CDIAP and specialist visits CAP Sant Fèlix and CAP Cerdanyola-Ripollet)

  • Scheduled visits are in person.
  • In the event that the visit cannot be made in person and must be of a telephone nature, you will receive one SMS notifying you of the day and time slot in which the hospital will contact you. The doctor will call you on the scheduled day (whenever possible, it will coincide with the day you had initially arranged). The call may be made a few days before or after the day we notified you by sms.
  • It is important be punctual to avoid saturation of patients in the waiting room: don't go to visits more than 15 minutes in advance. In this sense, no tickets will be issued to prove your attendance before this time.
  • When you enter the hospital, wash your hands in the designated area at the center entrance.
  • Have the health card.

Preoperative telematic visit

Sabadell Senior Citizens

  • It is not necessary to request an appointment, unless it is for departures.
  • Visiting hours: 10 am to 13 pm and 15.30 pm to 19 pm.

    Upon arrival you must go through reception to identify yourself.
    You can go up to the rooms freely, respecting the concurrence in the space of the double rooms.
  • The visiting spaces will be in the enabled places:
    • - Resident room.
    • - Common spaces ground floor.
  • La mask for visitors it is mandatory, both indoors and outdoors within the Sabadell Gent Gran site.

We remind you that all these measures are reviewable, as indicated by the epidemiological surveillance unit, given that the risk to our residents as vulnerable people is high.

CAP Can Rull and CAP Can Llong

  • It is recommended that before going to the CAP call by phone to be able to organize and resolve care efficiently. Tel. 93 724 79 20, from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m
  • The attention pediatric is attended to NO Concord.