At Parc Taulí we are university students

In 2008 the theoretical and practical teaching to students of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) began in Parc Taulí with a group of 22 third-year students who chose our center, thus becoming in the first promotion of our Teaching Unit.

Currently, we have 250 students divided into the four courses of the Degree in Medicine that are taught in the Hospital Teaching Units (third, fourth, fifth and sixth) and 10 promotions have already been licensed / graduated. We are especially excited that a good number of these students have continued with us doing the residency to achieve the specialty and / or have already joined as specialists.

Teaching is given by more than 100 teachers and more than 400 collaborators. Its teaching vocation is much appreciated by students, and currently makes the Teaching Unit have more demand than supply of places.

Videos from the #AlTauliSomUniversitaris campaign

Under the slogan #AlTauliSomUniversitaris we present testimonials from different protagonists: students, teachers, residents, specialists, etc. which give visibility to the university spirit of our institution.

News from the Parc Taulí Teaching Unit