Clinical Analysis Resident Guide

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Mª Luz Muñoz Marín

Carlos Garcia Miralles

93 723 10 10 ext. 86140
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Accredited places: 1 per year

Tubes for collecting clinical analysis (blood, urine)


MEF Program Summary

The specialty

Clinical Analysis is a specialty that applies the knowledge of basic sciences to human pathology to aid in the diagnosis, prognosis, therapy and prevention of disease, understanding the act of care as a team work. To achieve this goal it is necessary to apply the knowledge of Pathophysiology and the specialties of Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology, Hematology, Hemotherapy, Immunology and Genetics.

Service Description

The Parc Taulí Clinical Analysis Service is a multidisciplinary laboratory that integrates: Biochemistry, Hematology-Hemotherapy, Microbiology, Immunology-Genetics. In our laboratory, healthcare, teaching and research activities are carried out.

Service Structure

In the organizational model, the technical areas are differentiated from the areas of knowledge. Technical areas support areas of knowledge that require the same technology. Areas of knowledge aim to participate in clinical decisions, providing information and promoting efficiency in the use of laboratory procedures.


  • Physicians: 17 (5 Clinical Biochemistry, 1 Clinical Analysis, 2 Hematology and Hemotherapy, 4 Microbiology and Parasitology, 2 Immunology and 3 Genetics).
  • Nursing: 17
  • Health Specialist Technicians: 31
  • Clinical Assistant: 1
  • Administrative: 6
  • Training specialists: 4