Hospital Pharmacy resident's guide

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Mònica Gómez Brave

Susana Redondo Capafons

93 745 82 50
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Accredited places: 2 per year


MEF Program Summary

The specialty

The Hospital Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical specialty that serves the sick population of the Hospital and its area of ​​influence through the selection, acquisition, preparation, validation and monitoring of the prescription and dispensing of medicines. It also deals with those functions aimed at achieving an appropriate, safe and cost-effective use of pharmacological therapy.

Service description

The Pharmacy Service is located in the basement of the Taulí building. It has general and specific warehouses (narcotics, flammables, refrigerators, cytostatics, clinical trials ...), a laboratory for the preparation and handling of sterile and non-sterile drugs (drug formulation, intravenous mixtures, cytostatics, parenteral nutrition , ...), a Medicines Information Center (CIM), a dispensing area and work areas for doctors and secretaries. It also has two spaces for the dispensing and consultation of pharmaceutical care for outpatients, one on the ground floor of the hospital and the other in the oncohematology day hospital. At our service, care, teaching and research activities are carried out.

Service Structure

The Pharmacy Service has a presence and supports the following areas:

  • Patient admitted to acute care units
  • Emergencies
  • Intensive Care Units
  • Oncohematology
  • Outpatient care
  • Social health, Albada and VII Centenary
  • Primary Care Center
  • Sabadell Senior Citizens Residence
  • Clinical Trials


To carry out all the activities derived from the assistance it is had in staff to:

  • Physicians: The Pharmacy Service has a staff of 9 specialist pharmaceutical physicians, a clinical pharmacologist, 2 senior graduates and 4 residents in Hospital Pharmacy.
  • Technical staff: 1 coordinator, 9 senior technicians for drug preparation (4 cytostatics and parenteral nutrition, 2 preparation of master formulas and office preparations, 1 clinical trials and 2 outpatient pharmacy). 15 mid-level technicians.
  • Administrative staff: 2 administrative staff.