Geriatrics Resident Guide

Head of the Teaching Unit
Marc Moreno Ariño

Macarena Cabrera Pajarón
Carmen Ferrer Ferrer

625 221 439
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Accredited places: 1 per year

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MEF Program Summary

The specialty

Geriatrics is the branch of medicine dedicated to the preventive, clinical, therapeutic and social aspects of diseases in the elderly (usually> 65-75 years, with disease causing functional decline, multiple pathology and comorbidity and with cognitive, emotional and / or social conditions that condition its evolution), in which they converge: specific approach to geriatric syndromes in addition to specific diseases, interdisciplinary approach, comprehensive geriatric assessment, care organization at all levels to address the alterations that acutely or subacutely present loss of independence, resource management to integrate the community to as many old people as possible; research, teaching and continuing education of the staff working there.

Service Description

The Service consists of several Units:

  • Psychogeriatrics (36 beds)
  • Convalescence (78 beds)
  • Acute Geriatrics Unit (81 beds)
  • Long Stay (8-28 beds)
  • Palliative Care (21 beds)
  • 4 PADS
  • UFISS Geriatrics
  • EAIA Cognitive Disorder
  • EAIA Palliation
  • EAIA Geriatrics
  • Home Hospitalization (50 places)
  • Fragile Patient Day Hospital
  • Orthogeriatrics Unit

Service Structure

The Service is located almost entirely in the Albada and VII Centenari buildings, except EAIA Cognitive Disorders (Sta. Fe building) and Orthogeriatrics (Taulí building). It is structured in three main lines of attention:

  • Acute Geriatrics (UGA, EAIA Geriatrics, Day Hospital)
  • Palliation (Hospitalization Unit, UFISS CCPP, EAIA CCPP, PADES)
  • Convalescence (Convalescence Unit, Psychogeriatrics, UFISS Geriatrics, Long Stay, Orthogeriatrics)


  • Acute geriatrics: 12 doctors. 1 specialist in Geriatrics, 10 in Internal Medicine and 1 in Pulmonology.
  • Palliation: 8 doctors. 1 specialist in Geriatrics, 1 in Medical Oncology, 3 in Internal Medicine and 3 in Family Medicine.
  • Convalescence: 9 doctors. 4 specialists in Geriatrics, 3 in Internal Medicine and 2 in Family Medicine.