Occupational Health Nursing resident's guide

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Pilar Peña García

Tutor: Manuel Seda Paz

Tel. 93 723 10 10; Ext. 82051
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Accredited places: 1 per year

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MEF Program Summary

The Nurse Specialist in Occupational Health specialty

In 1989 the CCSPT created the Occupational Health Unit with an occupational doctor and an occupational nurse under the Epidemiology and Clinical Information Service, which was the basis for the future creation of the Prevention Service.

CCSPT's Combined Occupational Risk Prevention Service provides services to Taulí Hospital, UDIAT, Albada, VII Centenari, Can Rull Primary Care, Sabadell Gent Gran and Fundació Parc Taulí. This is established by legal obligation (Law on the Prevention of Occupational Risks 31/1995) in 1996. In this way, the obligation to establish an Own Service is fulfilled in companies with between 250 and 500 workers with health activities (Annex 1 RD 39/1997 of RSP) and of companies with more than 500 workers (art.14.14 RD 39/1997 of Reglamento de los Servicios de Prevención).

For the medical assistance of professionals who suffer an occupational accident, we have the Mútua Intercomarcal. The first visit can be made to the EGARSAT branch, located at Carrer de l'Illa, 45, 51, due to its proximity to the CCSPT.


Service Structure

The Prevention Service is made up of:

  • Health Area: 2 occupational doctors and 4 resident doctors (1 per year of residency); 1 work nurse, 1 nurse and resident nurse (1 per year of residence)
  • Management Area: 1 occupational doctor (Head of Service)
  • Support Area: 2 basic administrative and technical PRL.
  • Technical Area: 2 senior technicians in PRL.



  • Pilar Peña Garcia
  • Rosa Mª Serrano Fuentes
  • Virginia Teodoro Marín
  • Manuel Seda Paz
  • Begoña Macarrón Gómez
  • Josep Farrero Rome
  • Mercè Olivé Goset
  • Anna Garcia Núñez


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