Hematology and Hemotherapy resident's guide

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Juan Alfonso Soler Campos

Sonia Piernas Pontanilla

93 723 10 10 ext. 80749
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Accredited places: 1 per year

Tubes for collecting clinical analysis (blood, urine)


MEF Program Summary

The specialty

The specialty of Hematology and Hemotherapy, according to its current conception, consists of four major closely related areas: hematology clinic, hematology morphology and biology, hemostasis and thrombosis, and immunohematology and transfusion medicine.

The reasons why this specialty is one of the medical disciplines that have progressed most in knowledge and technology in recent decades lies in the integration of biological and clinical knowledge, which have allowed a better understanding of the etiopathogenic mechanisms of blood diseases and hematopoietic organs, facilitating the development of more appropriate guidelines for clinical action. All this has contributed to the fact that Hematology and Haemotherapy has acquired a remarkable degree of maturity, justifying its permanence in the future as an integrated specialty, since we consider that this is the ideal framework for the training of future specialists.

Hematology and Haemotherapy participates in both the clinical area and the Laboratory and Haemotherapy, the integration of these three aspects being the raison d'être of the specialty. All these areas must be of balanced importance in the training process of our future specialists. Since the aim of this period is the training of hematologists with global knowledge of the specialty.

We wish all residents who have chosen this exciting specialty, to face this very special period with the greatest possible concern and motivation to achieve high quality training and a privileged position that will allow you to be competitive in the current job market.

Service Description

The mission of the Hematology and Hemotherapy Service of Parc Taulí is to offer a resolute, comprehensive, personalized and quality hematological care in a scheduled and / or urgent way, to patients in our reference population, where with the highest level of 'efficiency integrates care, teaching and research'.

We are a reference service within our area of ​​influence, able to respond to your social commitment, with the competence and excellence of its professionals.

All the professionals of the service will collaborate and participate in a team project, being involved in the continuous improvement of the assistance, as much in aspects of planning, management and organization as of execution, as well as in the tasks of teaching and investigation. .

The healthcare activity is carried out in three different areas:

  • Hospitalization Area, where patients with malignant hematological diseases are treated
  • Day Hospital area, where the different chemotherapeutic or transfusion support treatments are administered and where patients with acute complications derived from their hematological process are treated.
  • Outpatient Area, where the outpatient is monitored.
  • The field of care also includes the activity of the Laboratory of Hematology and Hemostasis (control and follow-up of patients with oral anticoagulant treatment and hyper / hypocoagulability disorders (thrombophilia and coagulopathies).

It participates in the development and application of different clinical trials that include the areas of care and research in order to offer our patients the best treatments and access to new drugs.

El Hematology Service carries out an important teaching activity both undergraduate (medical students) and postgraduate, in the MIR training of the specialty. Theoretical and practical classes in the specialty of hematology are taught in the Teaching Unit of the UAB Faculty of Medicine.

Service Structure

Hospitalization Area

The hospitalization area of ​​the Hematology Service is located on the 9th floor, sharing devices with the Internal Medicine and Oncology Service.

Patients with newly diagnosed or already diagnosed neoplastic and non-neoplastic haematological pathology who present with complications during the evolutionary course of the disease are treated.

Day hospital

In this area, various pathologies and procedures in the previous section that do not require hospitalization are treated and treated on an outpatient basis.

This area is shared with the Oncology Service. It consists of 11 equipped boxes and 10 armchairs. We offer a continuous opening hours from 8 am to 20 pm from Monday to Thursday. Friday until 15 p.m. It is located on the 2nd floor of the Taulí Nou. There is always a hematologist responsible for attending to both urgent visits from patients who go directly to the day hospital and those from the Emergency Department and / or CCEE. We have in this area a consultation where the activity of two agendas is carried out; HEMHD (scheduled and urgent day hospital visits) and AUTRA (Hb optimization visits for potential candidate candidates for potentially bleeding surgery). An average of 550 monthly treatments are performed (± 240 patients)

The activity in this area buy

  • administration of intravenous and intrathecal chemotherapy / immunotherapy
  • blood transfusion transfusion,
  • therapeutic bleeding,
  • intravenous iron administration,
  • bisphosphonates, immunoglobulins, monoclonal antibodies, antifungals, etc.

And other activities aimed at facilitating the diagnosis and treatment of oncohematological patients in order to minimize hospital admissions and enhance specialized outpatient care.

External Hematology Consultation

The external consultation area consists of three offices, two of which are intended for conventional or scheduled visits and the third for urgent visits, information aimed at relatives and / or second opinion visits / clinical trials, etc.

Every day they visit two hematologists simultaneously. There are 10 weekly agendas in operation with an average of 25-30 visits per agenda; attending a total of 25 first weekly visits and 200 successive visits.

The day hospital and outpatient area are physically connected.

Our Labs

The Hematology Laboratory is integrated into the Hospital's General Laboratory Service. The care activity of the Hematology Laboratory is carried out by two hematologists specifically trained to respond to 4 clearly differentiated areas:

  • Basic and automated hematometry area.
  • Erythropathology Area.
  • Area of ​​Cytomorphology and Cellular Markers.
  • Hemostasis and Thrombosis Area.


  • Director of Service
  • Clinical Hematology (5 attachments)
  • Biological Hematology (Laboratory Service, 2 attachments)
  • Residents