Resident Pediatric Nursing Guide

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Luis Renter Valdovinos

Incarnation Gómez Gamboa

Ana Carrasco Domingo, M. Núria Palacio Marco, Gemma Gómez Llanes

93 723 10 10 
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Accredited places: 3 per year


MEF Program Summary

The specialty

Pediatric nursing provides comprehensive care to the pediatric patient, between 0 and 18 years of age, and their family. It develops its role from prevention, health promotion, specialized care, research and innovation, teaching, in a framework of sustainability, equity, efficiency, speed and continuity of care.

In Parc Taulí, the training itinerary of the residents in pediatric nursing has been designed with the child and adolescent and their family in mind in a global way where all the areas that set up the person. With this design we want to give a vision of continuity of the care processes, thus achieving a more real perspective of what happens to the patient and their needs. In order to achieve this goal, the rotations scheduled by the residents are both in areas of the service, as well as in areas of other services of the hospital or external care devices where pediatric patients are also assisted. Some of these devices are the obstetrics, operating room, or child-adolescent mental health hospitalization unit.

Service Description

The Pediatric Medicine Service of Sabadell Hospital is part of the Women's and Child Care Center (CADI), which also includes the Pediatric Surgery Service and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Service.

It is a Level III service, a reference for a large area of ​​population in Central and Northern Catalonia. We work to be and maintain ourselves as a reference service within Catalan Pediatrics, with national and international prestige in the different areas of the specialty, functioning at all times as a structured and cohesive team. We provide care to patients with problems related to any pediatric specialty, with a high resolving capacity. Recently (2015-2016) we are a center of reference in clinical genetics and genetic counseling and in 2017 we were assigned as an expert center in the care of minority diseases in Catalonia, dedicated to the care of cognitive diseases. genetically based behaviors.

Sensitivity, individualized attention focused on the patient and his family from childhood to adolescence, professionalism, commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, the requirement to achieve quality goals, and the continuous training of the professionals who make it up, are some of the main values ​​that encourage it.

Service Structure

The Pediatrics service includes:

  • Pediatric hospitalization area, with 38 beds that are distributed in double rooms, except two that are single for situations that the patient requires. It is located on the second floor of the Hospital de Sabadell. On the same floor is also a part of the Adolescent Crisis Unit, which depends on the Mental Health Service.
  • Critics Area with an exclusively pediatric ICU with 6 individual boxes, 5 of which can be doubled admitting 2 semi-critical beds for infants and 1 isolation box with negative pressure.
  • Neonatology unit with 25 places distributed in 6 individual boxes of Neonatal Intensive Care, 1 box specially adapted for Neonatal Surgery and invasive procedures of high complexity and a room with 12 places of intermediate care, 2 individual rooms of mother-baby hospitalization and 4-6 minimum / pre-discharge care places.
  • Emergency Department, located within the emergency department, but in an area exclusively for pediatric patient care. There are 4 consultations for visits of complexity level IV –V, a space for triage and 3 boxes for medical-surgical care, critical patient care and procedures. There are two observation rooms, one with 7 beds for longer observations and one with 5 beds for children under observation to assess evolution or treatment.
  • Area of ​​Offices, is formed by 16 spaces enabled for multidisciplinary External Consultations, functional tests, diverse complementary explorations of different specialties, zone of physiotherapy and analytical extractions.
  • Multidisciplinary pediatric day hospital where 7 patients can be cared for at the same time located in boxes, bunk beds or patient seats.


About 100 nurses are currently working in the pediatric service, of which more than half of the nurses are specialists in pediatric nursing or have a recognized experience of more than 6 years in the care of pediatric patients. They work as a team with other members involved in care or support service members to achieve the key goal which is comprehensive, individualized and humanized care for the pediatric patient and their family.