Ophthalmologist's resident guide

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Jose Gracia Martinez

Nathalie Eunice Gutiérrez Lemus

93 723 10 10 ext. 81519
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Accredited places: 1 per year


Summarize the MEF program

The specialty

Ophthalmology is the medical-surgical specialty that is related to the diagnosis and treatment of defects of the visual system. With otolaryngology and dermatology, it is one of the so-called specialties of the first generation. Historically, she was the first to achieve academic accreditation and social acceptance as a specialty.

The historical process that led to the constitution of Ophthalmology as a differentiated medical-surgical specialty with respect to Medicine and General Surgery has continued to operate in the specialty, producing specific areas of knowledge and activities:

  • Anterior segment: Cornea. crystalline anterior uvea Glaucoma.
  • Posterior segment: Medical retina. Use it later. Surgical retina.
  • Ocular appendages: Neuroophthalmology-Strabismus. Orbit. Tear system. Oculoplasty

Service description

The Ophthalmology Service of the Hospital de Sabadell began in 2006 the training of residents in the specialty (MEF). The program has a duration of 4 years, in which the rotations by the different units are established, in order to obtain a complete formation in all the areas of the specialty.

The Ophthalmology Service is located on the ground floor of the Taulí building, with 5 offices, 4 offices for additional tests and 1 study room. The surgical activity is performed entirely at the Outpatient Surgical Center, so there is no specific hospitalization area for ophthalmic patients.

Service Structure

The Service is organized by subspecialties. Each subspecialty has its operating room and consultation days. Patients from the outpatient clinic are referred to the different subspecialties to be able to attend to their pathology, and have a reference doctor.

Patients who have cataracts do not have a referral doctor, enter a common waiting list and are operated on by the different doctors in the service.

External consultations work every day. There is an operating room assigned to Ophthalmology every morning, and operating rooms in the afternoons.

Ophthalmic emergencies are attended to every morning in the ophthalmology service, and in the afternoons and public holidays they are attended to at the Hospital de Terrassa where the residents of the Hospital Parc Taulí take part in the shifts.


The Service is made up of 18 assistants, distributed in different areas of work.

  • Department of Cornea
  • Department of Glaucoma
  • Department of Oculoplasty
  • Department of Children's Pathology and Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Department of anterior uvea
  • Department of Retina
  • Emergency Department
  • Primary Care

The service has the support of an administrator.