Resident Oncology Guide

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Miguel Ángel Seguí Palmer

Elsa Dalmau Portulas, Yolanda García García

93 723 10 10 ext. 81919
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Accredited places: 2 per year


Summarize the MEF program

The specialty

The specialty of Medical Oncology integrates multiple areas of knowledge into a single complex medical specialty, which includes the molecular biology of tumors, translational and clinical research, and complex medical treatment, with patient care and the environment. .

It is a constantly changing specialty, with constant integration of knowledge, which at the treatment level currently pivots on classical chemotherapy, molecular anti-target treatments, immunotherapy and supportive therapies.

In addition, the relationship with other specialists is key in patient assessment, which is done in a multidisciplinary and cross-cutting manner in tumor committees divided by areas of knowledge with a patient-centered medicine model. In these committees, knowledge of natural history, therapeutic options, and prognosis is paramount in decision-making with a fundamental view of the medical oncologist.

Medical Oncology residents may have diverse concerns and develop them within the framework of the specialty, from a field of research (basic, translational, or clinical), or clinical (medical treatment, patient support, and pal liaison), or a combination of both.

Service Description

The Parc Taulí Medical Oncology Service aims to offer agile, coordinated, comprehensive, personalized and quality patient-centered oncology care, both scheduled and urgent, to patients in our reference population where, with the highest level of efficiency, assistance, teaching and research are integrated.

We are a reference service within our area of ​​influence in various areas of pathology, able to respond to our social commitment, with the competence and excellence of its professionals.

All the professionals who make up the team collaborate and participate in a group project, getting involved in the continuous improvement of care, both in aspects of planning, management and organization and execution, as well as in the tasks of teaching and research.

From the Service, there is a special concern to train residents with skills in all areas of knowledge, and help them during their period of residence to acquire all the skills necessary for the future development of their professional activity.

The healthcare activity is carried out in three different areas:

  • Hospitalization Area, where processes of complex diagnosis, treatment of complications and support of symptoms are carried out.
  • Day Hospital Area, where the different parenteral oncological treatments or transfusion support are administered, and where patients with acute complications derived from their oncological process are treated.
  • Outpatient Area, where the largest volume of activity is focused, with first visits, treatment visits and follow-up of outpatients.

We are also involved in the development and application of different clinical trials that include healthcare and research, in order to offer our patients the best treatments and access to new drugs.

The Medical Oncology Service carries out an important teaching activity both undergraduate (medical students) and postgraduate, in the MIR training of the specialty. Theoretical and practical classes in the specialty of Oncology are taught in the Teaching Unit of the UAB Faculty of Medicine.

Service Structure

Hospitalization Area

The hospitalization area of ​​the Oncology Service is located on the 8th floor, sharing devices with the Internal Medicine and Hematology Service. It has two doctors specializing in Internal Medicine assigned to the service.

It treats patients with newly diagnosed or already diagnosed oncological pathology who present complications during the evolutionary course of the disease.

Day hospital

In this area, various pathologies and procedures in the previous section that do not require hospitalization are treated and treated on an outpatient basis.

This area is shared with the Hematology Service. It consists of 11 equipped boxes and 10 seats. We offer a continuous opening hours from 8 am to 22 pm from Monday to Thursday and Friday until 20 pm. It is located on the 2nd floor of the Taulí Nou building. There is always a resident with the supervision of an assistant (oncologist or internist attached to the service) responsible for attending to both urgent visits by patients who go directly to the day hospital, as well as those derived from Emergencies and / or Outpatient Clinics. We have in this area an agenda and consultation for monitoring patients post-discharge or with medical complications assessed in Day Hospital that require monitoring but not admission

The activity in this area includes:

  • Administration of intravenous chemotherapy / immunotherapy.
  • Blood transfusion transfusion and intravenous iron administration.
  • Administration of bisphosphonates, immunoglobulins, monoclonal antibodies, antifungals, etc.

as well as other activities aimed at facilitating the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients in order to minimize hospital admissions and enhance specialized outpatient care.

External Consultation of Medical Oncology

The external consultation area is made up of seven offices, intended for conventional or scheduled visits.

Every day 4-7 oncologists visit simultaneously. The activity is organized in treatment and follow-up agendas, with first visits, and is organized depending on the pathology individually or in functional units with the surgical services involved in the care of the patient. There are 40 weekly agendas in operation with an average of 20 visits per agenda; attending a total of 38 first weekly visits and 440 successive weekly visits.

The day hospital and outpatient area are physically connected and an average of 320 treatments are performed per week.


  • Service Director
  • Medical Oncology (11 attachments)
  • Internal medicine doctors assigned to the service (2 assistants)
  • Residents (2 per year of residence)