Resident Pediatrics Guide and Specific Areas

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Luis Renter Valdovinos

Irene T. Baena Olomí, Raquel Corripio Collado, Griselda Vallés Cardona
M. Carme Figaró Volta, Romina Conti

93 723 10 10 ext. 82209
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Accredited places: 5 per year


MEF Program Summary

The specialty

Pediatrics and specific areas is a very broad specialty, comprising very different clinical scenarios: from newborn care in the delivery room to adolescence. The residence is structured with the intention of responding to the medical needs of the little ones in an integral way in any of these scenarios and at any level of complexity.

Service Description

The Pediatric Medicine Service of Sabadell Hospital is part of the Women's and Child Care Center (CADI), which also includes the Pediatric Surgery Service and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Service.

The mission of the Pediatric Medicine Service is to offer resolute, comprehensive, humanized, personalized and quality care to pediatric patients aged 0 to 18 and their families, in a framework of sustainability, equity, efficiency, speed and continuity of care.

We work to be and maintain ourselves as a reference service within Catalan Pediatrics, with national and international prestige in the different areas of the specialty, functioning at all times as a structured and cohesive team.

Sensitivity, patient and family guidance from childhood to adolescence, professionalism, commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, the requirement to achieve quality goals, and continuing education of the professionals who make it up, are some of the main values ​​that encourage it.

Service Structure

Currently they constitute the Pediatric Medicine Service: a pediatric hospitalization area, with 48 pediatric beds, 16 of which form the special Unit for Containment of Adolescents with pathology in the Mental Health area (UCA) and 32 (16 rooms doubles) the area of ​​pediatrics itself.

In addition, the Service has a Critical Care Area with an exclusively pediatric ICU with 6 individual boxes, which can be doubled by admitting 2 semi-critical beds for infants, and a Neonatology Unit with 25 places distributed in 6 boxes individual rooms for Neonatal Intensive Care, 1 box specially adapted for Neonatal Surgery and invasive procedures of high complexity and a room with 12 places for intermediate care, 2 individual rooms for mother-baby internment and 4-6 places for minimal care/pre - high The Pediatric Service is part of the pediatric and neonatal air transport team of the Catalan Medical Emergencies System.

The Urgent and Emergencies Area, exclusive to the Service, is made up of 6 consultations for IV-V complexity level visits, a space for triage and 3 boxes for medical-surgical care, care for critical patients and performing of procedures respectively. It is completed with 10 observation beds, 2 boxes for the care of patients with psychiatric disorders and an observation room in isolation.

The Consulting Area is made up of 32 spaces equipped for multidisciplinary External Consultations, functional tests, various complementary examinations of different specialties, physiotherapy area and analytical extractions. And within this area, the multidisciplinary pediatric day hospital has 11 beds (5 beds and 6 armchairs for treatments).


The Service is currently made up of more than 100 professionals who work as a team in the different areas of Pediatrics and their specialties or areas of influence, being a Level III reference service in, for a large area of population of central and northern Catalonia.