Resident Psychiatry Guide

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Diego J. Palao Vidal

Juan David Barbero Valverde, Alex Ferrer Alberti, Martí Guiovart Julian

93 745 83 76
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Accredited places: 3 per year


MEF Program Summary

The specialty

Psychiatry is a medical specialty that occupies a crossroads between biological and human disciplines. Their actions should not be limited to the medical-clinical field but should be aimed at aspects such as prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration of the patient into their psychosocial environment. This means that this discipline includes a wide range of interventions ranging from psychotherapies to psychopharmacology or other biological therapies (e.g. TEC) based on the best available scientific evidence. We participate in a model of community psychiatry that aims to promote the autonomy and integration of people in their environment, encouraging their participation and that of their relatives in treatments.

Service Description

The area of ​​Mental Health and Addictions Park Taulí is part of the Consorci Corporació Sanitària Parc Taulí de Sabadell (CCSPT) and is made up of a Psychiatry and Mental Health Service for Adults and a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Specialized public assistance services are available in a general hospital environment for the population of Vallès Occidental Est for about 425.000 inhabitants, in close connection with other specialties and the rest of community mental health facilities. Its operation is based on a recognized integrated management model and is aligned with the guidelines of the Master Plan for Mental Health and Addictions of the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

We work in multidisciplinary teams made up of professionals from psychiatry, clinical psychology, nursing, social work and occupational therapy, among others, with the aim of offering quality specialized care, from a care model focused on person, with programs aimed at continuous improvement and based on scientific evidence and innovation, favoring the participation of users and their families.

In the field of research, we prioritize the following lines: 1) Epidemiology, depression and suicide prevention (Observatory of Suicide Prevention of Catalonia); 2) Incipient psychotic disorders; 3) Psychoneuroendocrinology and stress 4) Resistant pathologies (depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia); 4) Gender differences in affective disorders and perinatal mental health and 5) e-Health with the adaptation of ICTs to the field of mental health

Service Structure

The Psychiatry Service of Parc Taulí is structured in the following devices, in which different specific programs are developed, such as a care program for first psychotic episodes (PEP/PAE-TPI), a Specialized Service in Mental Health and Disability Intellectual (SESMDI), Resistant Depression program, Neuromodulation, Resistant psychotic disorders, Perinatal Mental Health and Psychogeriatrics. 

  • Adult Mental Health:
    • Outpatient care for adults (CSMA I and II) in the same hospital premises
    • Antaviana Community Rehabilitation Service.
    • Drug Addiction Care and Follow-up Center (CASD) in the same hospital complex 
    • Hospital Detoxification Unit
    • Acute hospitalization and subacute hospitalization
    • Home hospitalization
    • Day hospital for adults 

  • Child and Youth Mental Health:
    • Outpatient care for children and young people (CSMIJ I and II)
    • Adolescent day hospital
    • Acute hospitalization for children and adolescents (UCA)