Child and Adolescent Psychiatry resident's guide

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Diego J. Palao Vidal

Head of the area: Montse Pàmias Massana

Tutor: Elena Pujals Altes

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Accredited places: 2 per year

MEF Program Summary

The specialty

In 2023, training in the specialty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry will begin at Parc Taulí, being one of the centers that will welcome one of the first three residents of this specialty in Catalonia (20 in total in the 'Spanish State).

This specialty arises from the need to differentiate and consolidate independently, since children and adolescents are not "older adults"; they deserve specialized medical care that takes their needs into account, by professionals trained specifically for this.

In addition, it is a very necessary specialty, taking into account that 7 out of 10 mental problems begin before the age of 18, and that 1 out of 5 teenagers suffers from some emotional or behavioral disorder, according to the WHO.

Service Description

La Acute Hospitalization Unit, has a capacity of 16 beds and gives between 200 and 250 discharges a year. It has an average stay of 16 days. This hospitalization is a benchmark for the entire Vallès Occidental.

In 2021 they attended to the Emergency Service from the hospital 879 children/adolescents with psychiatric emergency.

L'Mental Health Day Hospital, with 20 places, gives between 110 and 130 registrations a year. In December 2022, the activity ofDay Hospital for Eating Disorders, with a capacity of 15 places.

La External Consultation is structured in two CSMIJS. In 2021, 2.704 first visits were attended to and, in total, we made 29.450 visits.

The mental health team, both psychiatry and psychology, also travels at 16 primary care centers de Vallés Occidental Est to give attention to first visits and mild cases.

For patients with autism, we provide mental health support in 56 specific classrooms, including ordinary schools and special education centers. In schools, we also collaborate with the Health and School Program and with prevention programs through our platform mind you.

Other specific care programs are: care for first psychotic episodes, care for patients with limited intellectual functioning, care for patients who are supervised by the DGAIA, care for patients with toxic consumption, care for patients with minority diseases and care to patients with eating disorders.

In the last two years, they have started out-of-hospital care programs, to deal with crisis situations in the patient's home as well as cases of disconnected and very serious patients, with the Guia program.

Service Structure

The child and youth psychiatry team is made up of 18 psychiatrists, 18 clinical psychologists, 6 social workers and 4 social educators, in addition to the nursing team and assistants who attend in the different resources.

Our Service is a teaching team, with resident training in psychiatry, psychology and mental health nursing.