Resident's Guide to Radiodiagnosis

Head of the Teaching Unit:
Eva Castañer

Javier H. del Riego Ferrari, Beatriz Consola Maroto,
Francesc Novell Teixidó

93 723 10 10 ext. 86009

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Accredited places: 3 per year


MEF Program Summary

The specialty

The specialty of Diagnostic Imaging is the branch of Medicine that deals with diagnostic morphology, ie the study of images obtained through ionizing radiation and other energy sources, as well as of certain diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the execution and control of which these energy sources are necessary.

Service Description

The Radiodiagnosis residency is carried out in the Diagnostic Imaging Service (SDI) with offices in three different buildings (Taulí, UDIAT and VII Centenario).


The Service is made up of the following optional staff: 1 executive director, 2 service directors, a clinical head, 11 consultants, 2 seniors, 6 area specialists, 13 assistants. It has administrative support.