Urology resident's guide

Head of the Teaching Unit
Carlos Abad Gairin

Naim Hannaoui Had, Marta Capdevila Gonzalo

93 723 10 10 ext. 81519
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Places offered: 1 per year

Microscope with microscopic image. Fotolia © Franz Pfluegl


MEF Program Summary

The specialty

Urology is a medical-surgical specialty that deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of medical and surgical conditions of the urinary and retroperitoneal system in both sexes and of the male genital system without age limit, motivated by congenital, traumatic, septic, metabolic, obstructive and oncological conditions. As such a specialty, Urology has its propaedeutics, semiology, nosology and specific diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, surgical, endoscopic and by physical means. A comprehensive view of Urology includes the following areas: Andrology, Urolithiasis, Endourology, Laparoscopy, Oncology, Female and Male Functional Urology and Urodynamics, Uropediatry, Renal Transplantation and General Urology which studies the rest of the nosological entities. To attend to these varied pathologies, Urology has diagnostic procedures that are common to many other specialties and others that are specific to it, the performance of which entails commitments of learning and dedication no less than those related to therapeutic procedures.

Service Description

The Urology Service has strengthened its teaching aspect in recent years and since 2009 has been accredited for the training of specialists in Urology. Currently, it is included in the undergraduate training in Medicine in the Teaching Unit of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Given the large area of ​​reference, the Service collaborates closely with primary care physicians with the aim of offering continuous care between levels of care of the highest quality, performing consensual protocols, rapid circuits of care in urgent and tumor pathology, and training and refresher courses in prevalent urological pathology.

The Urology Service has several units:

  • Unit of Andrology and Prostatic Pathology
  • Laparoscopic Surgery Unit.
  • Urological Oncology Unit.
  • Urolithiasis unit.
  • Functional Urology and Pelvic Floor Unit.

Service Structure

External consultations, Continuous Care. Urology Office: Ambulatory Endoscopy, Urological and Andrological Ultrasound and andrological functional tests and pelvic floor pathology.

Day hospital. Hospitalization plant.

Surgical activity: Central surgical block, 8 weekly sessions (4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon) and a weekly morning surgical session of major ambulatory surgery.



The Service is made up of a total of 11 assistants and 5 doctors in training (MEF),

An administrative officer, 1 floor nursing supervisor, 14 nurses, 16 floor TCAIs, a CCEE nurse, and 2 CCEE assistants.