Patient Management and Citizen Care


  • The Patient Management and Citizen Care service incorporates a whole series of functions and responsibilities that group different non-healthcare tasks.
  • These are support services dependent on the Executive Management, which must collaborate in the provision of comprehensive and quality assistance.
  • They should be the most formal expression of two fundamental principles: user orientation and equity.



  • The registration and "operational" programming of the different lines of activity
  • Guarantee equitable access to its users
  • The reception, guidance and first care of the different users
  • The promotion and respect for the rights and duties of our users
  • General written information for users (user guides, fact sheets)
  • The coordination of Non-Urgent Medical Transport (TSNU)
  • Assessment of subjective quality (surveys, focus groups, complaints, etc.)
  • Institutional coordination to facilitate religious care.


Reception and Programming Unit

For information or changes in the schedule of visits, tests or interventions / Request a visit to the Passenger Service Parc Taulí (Vaccination Center)

Citizen Service Unit

We take care of your suggestions, complaints and thanks for improving the quality of our services.

This unit also reports on the "Charter of Rights and Duties of Citizens in relation to health and health care" as well as the "Document of Advance Wills".


Team of Patient Management Managers

Pilar Doretto
Directorate of Patient Management and Citizen Care

Antonio Ávila Pérez
Head of Programming and Reception

Iván Flores Sanz
Head of the Citizen Service Unit