Organizational structure

Organizational chart

Organization chart of the Corporate Committee

corporate committee ccspt llb June 2024

Area of ​​care

Area of ​​care

Care and Transversal Services Management

Park Taulí Infirmary

Mental Health

  • Adults, Childhood and Adolescence

Medical Specialties Area

Surgical Specialties Area

Area of ​​Attention to the Woman and the Child

Sociosanitary Area

Patient Management and Citizen Care

  • Reception and Programming
  • Citizen service
  • Religious attention
  • Medical transport

Transversal services

Sabadell Senior Citizen Service Center

  • Residential accommodation
  • Apartments
  • Daytime Activities Center
  • Club
  • Approx
  • Supplementary services

Attention to the Parc Taulí Unit

  • Dependency Assessment Services (SEVAD)
  • Disability Care Center (CAD)

Areas of management

Areas of management

Economics and Services

  • Accounting Administration
  • Cost accounting
  • Shopping
  • Billing and Collection Management
  • General Services

Human resources

  • Professionals
  • Training

Digital Organization

  • Computers and communications
  • Support and facilities

Transversal non-care areas

Transversal non-care areas

Legal Area

Analysis and Strategy Unit

Data Protection

Professional Council

Institutional committees

  • Professional Skills (CICP)
  • Teaching (CID)
  • Electronic Medical Record and Hospital Documentation (CHCE-DH)
  • Healthcare Ethics (CEA)
  • Pharmacotherapeutic group (CIFT)
  • Training (CIF)
  • Clinical Guides (CIGC)
  • Infections (IBD)
  • Improving Clinical Practice (CIMPC)
  • Mortality (ICD)
  • Research and Innovation (CIRI)


  • Undergraduate teaching
  • Undergraduate Teaching - Parc Taulí UAB Teaching Unit
  • Postgraduate Teaching
  • Park Taulí simulation

Research and Innovation

Communication and Multimedia

  • Writing and Press Office
  • Intranet and web
  • Photography and Multimedia
  • Publications
  • Corporative image
  • Institutional Relations
  • Protocol
  • Taulí art