Digital Organization Management


The Directorate of Digital Organization is configured as a department that executes the decisions adopted in this matter by the Steering Committee of Information Systems, and provides the best service to the entire Consortium in terms of technical coordination of projects, implementation and development of software, installation and maintenance of workstations and the management and administration of central systems and communications.


With the help of technology and a team of committed professionals, we want to incorporate Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as an engine for modernizing the processes of Parc Taulí and, thus, to be able to support healthcare activity. teaching, research and management developed by its professionals.


The Digital Organization Department will lead the creation of value through ICT and technological innovation in Parc Taulí, providing service and response, with a global vision, to the needs of all its professionals. Value creation translates into profit at an optimal cost of resources while minimizing risk.

◾ Assessing the needs and conditions of the different areas / services with respect to ICT.
◾ Prioritizing and making decisions based on needs, combining the global vision and respecting the singularities.
◾ Measuring the performance of results and benefits according to agreed milestones and results.

Areas and objectives

Development Area

  • Maintain all existing software in good working order, resolving any issues that may arise and making any necessary software modifications.
  • Develop the necessary software to help the proper functioning of the Consortium, from all points of view: care, administration, research and investigation ... according to the priorities set at any time by the Committee of Information Systems Managers.

Support Area and facilities

  • Develop the task of support and facilities, putting the main focus of attention on the user, who is attended directly by the support technicians.

Systems Area

  • To develop the tasks of management and administration of the central systems, and of communications, putting the main focus of attention in the good operation of the infrastructure and in the continuous evolution and the necessary adequacy.


Digital Organization Management Team

Anna Benavent Navarro

Pere Escuder Torres
Head of Support and Facilities Area

Luis Bernáldez Balado
Head of Systems and Exploitation

César Erill Piñot
Business Intelligence Project Manager

Tomás Gil Martínez
Responsible for Integrations

A hard tackle from Mateo Guerrero to Lozano
Project Manager Human Recuses

Maria del Mar Juárez Télez
Project Manager Financial and Logistics Area

Anna Pascual Roca
Head of Assistance Projects

Ignacio Gordon Velasco
Head of Mobile Applications





Parc Taulí 1
Ed. La Salut, 1st floor
08208 Sabadell